What do you prefer? Powder, cream or both if you put on your diaper?

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Hello, guys! :) I want to ask what do you prefer to have an clean genital area if you put your diaper on. Personally i'm the powder guy, because it's faster to getting powdered in my opinion and i like the smell of it! :) But what are you using if you put on your nappy? Its an interesting question somehow. So, what do you prefer? :)
zeesorb for the crease at the legs, cornstarch for everything else low in front, then after taping up, a dash of talc down the left and right panels to prevent sweating and pimples
while i get drunk off the smell of J&J Baby powder .. i find that using it creates a white paste in my diapers .. bleh.. i use Destin on my bottom specifically the hole as i am prone to get diaper rash there easily
Baby powder for me and diaper rash cream in my butt crack.
for me johnson's baby nappy cream, great smell and doind pretty good job down there
I don't put any baby powder on at all.
Baby powder is all i use.
For me, it is "BABY POWDER", unless I have some diaper rash, and I also use some diaper rash ointment.
I haven't been using baby powder for awhile as I find that I don't really need it. I haven't ever used anything else but would never object to anything while I was being changed.
After my shower, I start my morning with J & J Baby Oil and then Baby Lotion. It gives a lot of protection throughout the day and night.
I have used just J&J's Baby Powder, just J&J's Baby Lotion, both and neither.

I just can't make up my mind :)

However, most of the time, I just put my diaper on without any powder or lotion.
Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder is the way I go
I tend to use both bowder and rash cream, just to be on the safe side. it hurts like hell having a rash and when you wet yourself (Which I do plenty of times during the day), you can feel the soreness from your skin. Other than that change your diaper at least three times a day to prevent any diaper rash.
I use Cornstarch baby powder most of the time throughout the day but I do use Petroleum jelly right after getting out of the shower which is usually before I go to bed. I never did have rash before and my primary doctor told me that is the cheapest and most effective way to manage rash.
I usually use corn starch-based baby powder in warm weather, talc-based in cool weather and desitin or zinc oxide ointment if I have a rash.
Usually, I'll just use baby powder, though I do use rash cream from time to time.
I use A&D ointment when needed and powder during the hotter months.
I use coconut oil as well. When it's cool it is a thick solid consistency, when warm it's an actual oil. It smells nice, is great for the skin, and feels lovely and slippery. It's also good for hair, nice in cooking, cheap to buy, and there is nothing unusual about purchasing it.
Google its many uses!
Me too, I love the smell of baby powder mixed with fresh pee pee.
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