What diapers / pull ups should I try in the US


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Hey there

I’m currently in the US for some time and I‘m wondering what diapers / pull ups there are to try.
I am a huge fan of Goodnites and I did fit quite well in the L/XL ones, tried the new size L ones and they fit as well and I can wear them for the night without ripping, though they are a very tight fit when putting them on.
I can‘t wait to try the new XL size once I find them.

I‘d love to find more pull-ups / Goodnites alternatives that could fit me to give them a shot so what is there to explore here? :)

Oh and btw - where can I buy the dual tape Prevail 360‘s? I also want to try them.
I was in diapers as a kid when there were already cloth-backed diapers around (Pampers) so these excite me quite a bit because they seem to be feeling just like some pampers from back in the days.