What came first?


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I’m super curious, for anyone that is a babyfur/diaperfur, what came first?

Did your interest in furry begin first and then ABDL stuff or vice versa? Or perhaps it was a combination of both?

And further questioning, how has being both affected one another if at all? Do you have friends that are also babyfurs? Do you draw or write about your fursona in ABDl situations/commission others to do so? Have you been to any baby/diaperfur meetups either locally or at conventions? Do you have a fursuit, If yes, do you like to fursuit and diaper up at the same time?

For me, I found furry when I was around my early teens (my first sona was an edgy cat-dog-dragon thing lol) and found diaper stuff a little later. I was very hesitant on the diaper stuff for a long time due to being ashamed and anxious about it. I’ve only just recently accepted that I like this kink.

Since I’m still figuring things out, I’m not sure how to answer some of my own questions. xD As far as I’m aware, no one I know is into ABDL stuff. I’ve written a few personal stories of my sonas but I have not commissioned other people. I wish I could meet other folks into ABDL. I don’t have a fursuit ;^;
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I’ve been a DL from very young and only discovered furries 2 years after I had been reading furry comics. On a side note lead up: I was gaming intensely in the last 2 years of secondary school. People in that community were diverse to say the least; one of them was really into “my little pony”. That person got me to watch an episode of the series and it was way too nice compared to the life I was living at the time. It made me cry so I decided I shouldn’t watch it.
At age 20 I was unbelievably happy to see more of these interesting comics come to life. The one that got me hooked was “TwoKinds”. It took me 5 months to find anyone related to the local community in Melbourne and finally I got to go to my first convention a year later.
At the time I had made my own tail, ears and paws for my first character. I didn’t commission any art until a year later where I properly designed my main fursona. A year after that I got a full fursuit and wore it to 2 different conventions.
I’ve never worn a diaper in my suit before because I wasn’t aware of where to get nicer diapers that weren’t medical grade. The best I had at the time was plastic backed Tena briefs that were very loud and crinkly.
Only in the last 4 years have I gotten deeper into my feelings of comfort with diapers. Pacifier addiction maybe on its was now… I maybe slowly regressing into a babyfur 😹
I’ve never met or realised anyone close to me was into ABDL so I’m going to go to Kangacon next year to see whatever there is to see and learn whatever there is to learn.
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I started out as a DL in middle school and then in high school I started to realize that I am a furry. I tried to keep the two separated but at one point diapers ended up making their way into my furry fantasies and that is how I found out that I prefer diaperfur over just diapers or furries. I discovered that I am also an AB/little/babyfur when I started fantasizing about being a toddler more often. When I first started to fantasize about being a toddler it was just so I had a reason to be wearing diapers but later on it was also because I didn't want to have to deal with having any responsibilities.
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I think my DL fetish started first probably around age 13, then my furriness showed up shortly after as I became sexualy interested in girls.

Oddly I don't really mix the two very much. I don't really view my furry side as also DL, I have artwork of flecko but none diapered.

I hope to oneday soon build a fur suit, definitely want one. Most likely I will not engage in my DL interests while wearing it.

When I enjoy DL time it's usually just with the diaper but I do dress up a bit sometimes, in more adult than child based theams, perhaps a tail on occasion.
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Welcome to ADISC, @ShyDragonDood. :)

To your question: Definitely ABDL first. I knew I had a thing for diapers when I was six years old. I actually credit ADISC with spawning my babyfur alter ego. When I joined about 11 years ago, I was blown away by how many members identified as babyfurs and diaperfurs. I'd had no idea the intersection between ABDL and furry was so large. But, the more I hung out here, the more it sort of made sense.

I started thinking seriously about a fursona 3-4 years ago, and Cottontail appeared only six months ago--in furry form, anyway (I've had the username for a lot longer). She's very much an expression of my little side, and there was purpose in her creation as well: Although I accept the need for anonymity on ABDL sites, I really don't like it. Because of how personal it can be, a fursona seemed like a perfect surrogate identity for a place like this.

Right now, I can’t foresee engaging in furriness outside of ABDL, but… Never say “never,” right? A quirk of my particular approach is that Cottontail is gendered for my little side, while big me is unquestioningly male. I like the idea of an adult Cottontail, but it might be a struggle to relate to her. I guess I could always create another fursona for big me, but I get exhausted just thinking about that. I’ll probably wait for some epiphany. I’m patient.
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ABDL first, definitely. I've liked diapers since I was probably 7 or 8? At least, I remember snagging them from the daycare that I was going to at about that age. The furry came later when I was in the middle of high school, and I actually discovered it through ABDL, funnily enough. But it really took off when I got into college and started to get more interested in sex. I usually get enough enjoyment out of both separately, so I tend to keep them apart aside from seeking out furry ABDL stories and art. I've been interacting a lot more with the local furry community lately, so it pays to keep the ABDL and furry parts pretty well separated. That said, lately, I've been a lot more interested in interacting with the babyfur community in particular, so I'm looking into spinning up a separate fursona to engage with that.

No fursuit yet, but I'm looking into doing one of my main sometime soon. I doubt that I'll diaper up in suit. Those things are bloody expensive, and I wouldn't want to leak.
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I've been a furry ever since I could daydream, but I always had a low-key thing for diapers that I never really put my finger on until high school. Ultimately, the furry side integrated with diapers like I did. Not all of me, but a definite part.

I think this is why I like seeing furry content not ABDL as much as I like diapered furs. As well as seeing diapered furs in non-ABDL situations.

As for the rest of the questions, I recently jumped in to the community, so I haven't made many connections. Oh, and fursuits are too expensive, so I'm not looking for one.
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On the subject of fursuits (not to get too OT…), I like the idea of a suit but can’t imagine when I’d get to use it. Going to cons and stuff is unlikely to become a part of my reality at this point. On the other hand, I’ve seen some amazing plushie commissions. Although still expensive, something like that might be a fun way to bring one’s fursona to life without going so far as to make it wearable. I’m not ready to do either just yet, but I do find the plushie idea quite appealing. My plushie collection isn’t nearly large enough.
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I'd safely say DL, but I also "pretended" to be any animal I was around as a kid. It all started when I was around 5 or 6. But coming here, actually finding out about the furry world kinda was entirely logical as ever to me. I honestly had no idea (other than watching Disney figures at the park being paid to be characters) there was such a community.

I never abandoned any animal throughout my life, not intentionally(!). So, I guess it's my way of entirely respecting their reality, even though it sure can be really hard. They are geniuses in my eyes. No f-ing around. I respect nature more than you can imagine. Humans??? :unsure:lol. But blended. Yes.

But yeah. I guess both. I just didn't know it. I knew the diaper part, though. lol.
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ABDL first for sure. I've been ABDL since I was a little kid barely out of diapers.

I got super into ABDL artwork when I was a teenager, and my favorite ABDL art has always been baby and diaperfur art.

Now I like vanilla furry stuff too, so I've completely undergone my furry TF and am now 100% furry. :)

- I haven't really done anything beyond following babyfur artists on twitter/FA/elsewhere. I have some semi-furry ABDL gear:
cloth diaper with a lion tail
novelty cat mittens
One piece pajamas with tail and ears
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Diaperfur, then babyfur :p
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I discovered ABDL through the furry fandom which I'd say isn't that uncommon. But I'm a caretaker so I've never had the desire to draw my sona in nappies or acting babyish. I do think it would be fun to draw them looking after the babyfied versions of my friends' sonas, though. Too bad I don't really have any furry friends into ABDL. Although I suck at drawing so many that's a good thing, haha.
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