What Are your toddlerisms

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Mine Are whenever i get Shouted out no matter why it is, i uncontrolably Burst into Tears, not wailing like a Toddler. I only Start wailing like a toddler when something really Bad Happens Or if i get in such a bad arguement. I Crave my schnülli (paci) in inappropriate Times like in class. I Can,t help but Look at Babies and toddlers with Pacis in their mouths, just to See if i have that one yet, to See what picture is on their paci Or if i Want to buy one. Most Times ist Makes me Want Mine.

In the Baby Isle, i Cant help but Check the price and Look of diapers, Pacis, kiddie bowls and toys and of Course Baby lotion, ahh the smells, the memories! I like Running Around my Room in just my Diaper Or nothing on, of Course with the Curtains closed eek!

When a Nappy Advert come on TV i have to Try not to Look at the TV when my Family is Around Or Or might be suspicious if i Pay Too much attention. Also i pee when i am Around a sink Or something and pee as soon my Nappy gets put on.

When i See Kids Playing i Want to Play, when a Child is crying, i feel sorry and Want to cry and Give him/her a hug but its just not appropirate.

I always Want cuddles but when i Want a hug sometimes, its bot appropraite again like in Public Or when my Parents Are busy. I am so jelous of Babies and toddlers getting attention and being able to have a schnulli in their Mouths without being Laughed at. And also being able to have changes in Public without being Too big, Heavy and being Laughed at. I am also jelous of those bouncy Seats you attach to the cealing. I Want one!

I Want to also got to the Park without being Laughed at Or being Too big. Why Cant i go on the slides!? I also Want to go to daycare and Play with the Other children and go for a nap like the others. Is this Too much to ask Society!? I wish my Parents Bought my fun toys for Christmas and birthdays but i get grown up stuff, ok i Appreciate it but i Can,t Play with it!

Also After Age 8 Maths started to hard for me, After that it was all Algebra which does NOT make any Sense. I remember when i was 10 when my class went on a residential trip and i didn,t Want to come because of my Bedwetting plus the Rides looked Too scary Even to me now, me and Some Other Girls why didn,t Want to come where going into the Kindergarten/Reception class to help. Ok i helped the children Do Some of their work but i went Off and played with the Other children and had fun. One of the Girls Said " why Are you Playing like a Little Girl?" And i said " oh, sorry i didn,t Know i was meant to be grown up!?, i am 10 for goodnes sake!"

I always got told to grow up, stop crying, stop Sucking my thumb., stop wetting the bed (not that i had much Control over that at the Time!) and stop Playing with Toys which eventuelly i Forced Myself to Throw my toys away when i was 12 and told Everyone i though they were boring, i got told Off for Acting like a toddler when i step Inside a empty jigsaws box, i got told Off for Laughing at a squeky toy, i was asked " Arn,t you Too Old to being Playing on that" when i was Playing on my 3 year Old Cousins garden slide by my uncle when i was 13 and i answered " no, i don,t think i am", i got secretl upsets when i told my Oma that i am Too Old to be Playing Princesses Or Dressing up when i was 10 with my Little cusin. I have always been that Little Girl, i have Never grown up just concealed it , now very well mind.

What Are your toddlerisms and sorry about the length
I get caught picking my nose more often than a girl my age should! LOL.
You summed most of mine up in a nutshell. I guess I do keep most of my stuffed animals that I had when I was a kid. Most I inherited from my departed Grandma, the others were past down from other family members from way back when. But my most treasured stuffie would be the tigger that my sister bought for me when I was three.
Hugs very much understand where your coming from.
Being a boy it's more not accepted .
There are time's if there was a pill and I could be a baby all over I would.
I do watch little ones make me smile to see them enjoying life lol.
Some parents for get the toy they should have with to entertaining there little one.
I see nothing wrong with you playing ponys or other thing's met other littles that are girl's on fet that like to colour play dress up other little things.
You would fit in to 100 persent non sexual age play .
There a group the Magical Kingdom of little,s on fetlife.
Where you can be you with other's like minded.
You just have to be careful lot of creepers around.
When in little mind set is where you need to be careful some guy's take advantage of others.
I agree with you that I'm very jealous of kids that can go to day care or pre-school and learn and do all of the fun arts & crafts. I wish my days were filled with no worries and as far as toddlerisms go, the farther I let myself slip into my little space the more show up. Mean words make me really upset. I can't really handle horror movies and feel uncomfortable around situations that involve sex on TV.
I would like more hugs and maybe a kiss or two. Currently I only have one person who fills that need for me. My mom. She's a whole country away, so I only get her attention once a year for maybe a week or two at best. I make due.

I drool in my sleep.

I eating without a care. Sometime I could use a bib,

Often I wrap myself in a blanket for comfort. My mom made me several blankets, so I keep them around almost everywhere I go.

I usually think of cartoons and playing games all day.
I would that someone give me a lot of hugs and kisses.
I love to put baby powder on my skin.
I have incontinence issues which makes me feel little.
I'm highly sensitive and I cry a lot.
I sleep with a soft toy.
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Well, I might be an adult baby, but in real life I am more like a very serious and broody teenager most of the time. I fantasise about being a little kid or baby, but I don't really identify as one. I really do want to get into that carefree little space though. Even when I was a little kid I was far too serious. I need to lighten up.

I guess I do have some childlike habits though:
If a meal was really tastey, and we don't have company over, I will totally lick my plate clean. Suffice to say, I can be kind of a messy eater if I'm not careful.
I like to sit on the floor and roll around in the living room.
I have a Skipper doll, riding a stuffed dog (Pepper) sitting on my jewelry box.
I loooove cartoons.
I like to snuggle and hide underneath blankies.
I once made up a theme song and dance for my girlfriend's rubber duckie.
I have a single stuffed animal named Tigger who is a tiger. Occasionally I'll sleep with it cuddled in my arms.
I still have all my old plushies and my baby blankie. Even at the age of 15, I'd still carry my blankie through security at the airport. I often still throw mini tantrums here and there.
I wouldn't necessarily call them toddlerisms but I do also feel awkward when an advert comes on tv and someone else is in the room regardless of whether they know about me or not, I feel sorry for toddlers and babies who are in distress, I also look down the baby isle if I am alone

My true toddlerisms include:

I don't like being shouted at
I wear diapers
I also have a blankie, paci and other accessories
Cartoons from my childhood or ones like Adventure Time are great
I like hugs and kisses (even though exterior I look tough because I'm tall and often I have like a mean expression on my face)
I drool in my sleep
Doesn't everyone drool in their sleep? Is this really a little kid thing? 0_0
And it's probably safe to say that pretty much everyone here wears diapers, but I guess I'll add that to my list of todlerisms as well.
CuddleFish said:
Doesn't everyone drool in their sleep? Is this really a little kid thing? 0_0
And it's probably safe to say that pretty much everyone here wears diapers, but I guess I'll add that to my list of todlerisms as well.

No drool here, unless I'm using a pacifier. Even then, it's not all that common while side sleeping.
CuddleFish said:
Doesn't everyone drool in their sleep? Is this really a little kid thing? 0_0
And it's probably safe to say that pretty much everyone here wears diapers, but I guess I'll add that to my list of todlerisms as well.
I definitely drool in my sleep, I think almost everyone does, except for Trevor ;)
Another thing I do is, when I'm driving I pretend I'm in a space ship.
hahaha people are suppose to only drool when they are falling asleep .... once deep asleep your salivary glands shut down. That said I have always had some sort of braces or retainer to wear which causes your mouth to have more saliva around. I also had a complication with my jaw surgery and have lost some feeling in my lips so its hard to keep them together = major major drooling!!! Like in certain positions I soak my pillow hehe. I just don't like the pimples that come from it around my mouth :( or the drooling in school when I was napping on my deck.

toddlerisms for me
-I finally accepted I need a blankie. I tried to say I was using it as a pillow cover because I like the softer feel .... but that was just lying to myself
-I love Disney movies and certain cartoons - I just recently watched kratt's kreatures and cant believe they still on are!! I use to watch them every day, and I like the new version over the zoobomafoo version they changed to in my childhood (which is when I stopped watching). And they still look the same. also taping Arthur when its on - season 14 lately those poor kids stuck that long in grade 3.
-love love love colouring and now have 4 colouring books on the go plus printed pages hehehe
-bottle, paci all the time
-love being crazy running around chasing my kitties
-baby talking to animals :)
I've drooled on so many occasions outside of sleep. I'll be in the middle of drawing sometimes and get hyper focused and just drool. It's like that slip you get and you try to stop it, but it's too late. It's hard to explain, but I kinda figure everyone has done it at Gooooooosh, my boyfriend has made so many jokes about that.
I hide the evidence of dishes I accidentally break, which works about half the time.
I don't watch the tele, unless it's on cartoons and if it's on other stuff I'll play on my phone or the various game systems.
I have a small appetite, so when we go out I tend to order off the kid's menu. ^^'

Uuuum~! Other than that, I'm the epitome of maturity. c:
I've drooled on so many occasions outside of sleep. I'll be in the middle of drawing sometimes and get hyper focused and just drool. It's like that slip you get and you try to stop it, but it's too late.
This happened to me at an audition ones. I was in the middle of rocking out on guitar, and then a loooong string of drool trickled from my mouth right at the end. So emberrasing. :sweatdrop:
I love eating messy finger food, not caring about how messy my face and hands get, and wiping my hands on my shirt and my mouth on my sleeve.
I'll wipe my nose on my sleeve as well if I'm going to do laundry.
I like putting off going to the potty, and I have no problems with bouncing around, holding myself with my hands as I do an exaggerated potty dance.
If I wet my shorts, I don't find it necessary to get changed straight away, and I'm happy to stay wet and just keep waiting until my pants dry out.
I love getting dirty. Walking around with bare feet in mud and dirt, occasionally wiping my muddy hands and feet on my legs, or kneeling in a muddy patch.

In short, if I can be dressed little, eat messy, get dirty, be desperate, and wet my pants, I'm happy.

Little boys really are dirty creatures!
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