What Are your Most Prized Baby items

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Can u Show a pic aus well and later i will Show my Stuff :smile1:
These Arme my diapers from Huggies drynites for 8 to 15 year olds
image.jpg Here is my Prized blankie, and stuffies with my Baby pillow. This is my ever Growing schnülii Collectionimage.jpg. I have made a onesie and a sleeper even though my sleeper Needs reparing. Mimage.jpgHere Arne my Sippy Cups and bottles aus u Can See i had Some milk in my Green horsie one. image.jpgHere Arne my toy box stuffies i Love my hippo Nilpferd. Here Arne my toysimage.jpgimage.jpghere is my toy bimage.jpgbox which i put all my toys in. Nice isnt it
I don't have much, but I have my dollie, of whom I can't really post a picture because my internet is being temperamental about uploading things. However, she's Wan Ling by the Karito Kids, and is so pretty!
I do not have very much myself.
I do have several baby bottles, plus baby rattles/teethers, and a few plush animals and several soft baby dolls.


For some resion I am not able to post photos to this site as well. Can put photos on my Tumler though account a.sisi.me

Most Prized items is going to be Rex and Peter. Then my favourite pacifier. I also quite like my nappy covers I've got a Star Wars and Spider-Man.

Hee hee

You got lots of pacifiers. They look nice.

I would really kind of like to have a cot to sleep in the ones that are six foot are too expensive for me.
I Just think that I would feel safe in one. Sounds silly I know.

Thanx i Love to Collection my schnülii as they keep me happy and there is so much to Collect. I am Lucky i Can get drynites and preiend that they Arne for s younger sisiter and that they fit aus i am Small in Build. I just Collect ordinäre Baby dummies from the Shop they Can be Sorge at times nur sometimes Even the 0-6 Monte dummies Can Comfy. I had one 0-6 Monte one for 2 Hours Last Night. I Want to get adelt Pacis gut the Expense and Risk of someone Opening Or Someone asking whats Inside my Package is to big. The blankie, dog and Dolphins stuffie Along with my Baby Pillow is from my childhood. The bottles werde from a home Bargains Place Petty Chess. My Sippies were Cheap baut my orange one Looks like the one from childhood as i remember. My hippo nilpherd is from a Kinder Easter pack and i Love ihm, Hes so cute and soft! I started to Collect my toys to to in my toy bag. I will Show Everyone my new Stuff when i get it Cuz i admitt i Love showing Off Cuz Thats what Kids so, am i Right?! I made my onesie and sleeper by moddifyimg a Long sleeved Shirt by cuttend the Arms Off and attaching they to to the bottom and anfing Buttons and Button Holes so i did a sind from toy Story but with clothes lol. My sleeper was made by Buying a adult all in one pjs with a hood , cuttend Off the hood and making feet for the sleeper. I am good at seeing and i take my Time to make sure ist good

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Pretty Cheap stupid German Autokorrektur!

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My pampers and bear bear my Teddy bear we are bestest friends.
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