what are your guitar preferences/tell me about your rig

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As a guitarist, I frequently experiment with my sound, I'm always looking into different pickups, amps, and different ways of approaching something musicly.

So tell me fellow guitarists, what are your preferences?

Tube or digital?

Acoustic or electronic?

Floyd Rose or hard tail?


Brand of guitar?

Brand of amp?

What genre do you play?

I like both tube and digital, tube feels more alive, but digital allows for better distortion in my opinion

I've always preferred playing electric guitar

With pickups, I like Seymour Duncan, particularly Invaders, Black Winter, Blackouts, and PATB-2, but I also love the classic sound of P90's

My personal preference on brand of guitar is Schecter and Ethereal, but I also love ESP, Jackson, Ibanez, Halo and B.C. Rich

I play metalcore and deathcore mostly, some heavy metal

My set up right now.

My guitars:

Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe in Drop C
Ibanez RG321in Drop G
Fender Showmaster in Drop D

My amps

Fender Mustang II
Line6 spyder III 75 watt

My fender amp is set up for my Seinnheiser E953 microphone

My line6 is my guitar amp
I have a 40 year-old Acoustic 6-String Guitar.
Decades ago I had years of private guitar lessons.
Specialized in Jazz Chord Progressions.
I used to play a Yamaha acoustic, but then my daughter borrowed it, never to return. Now that I'm mostly retired, I've been thinking about buying a Martin and taking some lessons. I always enjoyed playing folk and singing. Though I'm terrible on guitar, and prodigious on keyboards, my major in college at WCC in Princeton, N. J.
Mostly now I play lead melody of different Christian Liturgical Hymns.
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