What are some of your other fetishes?

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  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
  3. Babyfur
  4. Diaperfur
  5. Sissy
Would love to hear what fetishes you guys are into?
I actually really like plain old white briefs. I have a thing for "unbridled masculinity" as I like to describe it; beefier, stocky guys with short hair and beards who wear jeans and white briefs. I'm basically attracted to lumberjacks and rednecks, the latter of which is problematic for obvious reasons. Let's see... water sports, spanking... I guess those sort of go hand in hand with diapers, though. Cowboys are a big one; the Engineer from TF2 could get it. I like the idea of food play a lot, too. Hmm... Can't think of anything else.
Diapers is the only one that I'm currently aware of.
Very interesting 417placestogo. And Mattew that's it?
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