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I am pretty new to ABDL and actually wet for the first time early this morning. Did anyone else struggle when it came to actually going? Does this ease with time and become more natural or am I over thinking all of this?
Yes, it does get easier to do over time, as I understand it.

Also, I see that you're new here, Welcome! You really should go ahead and introduce yourself in the Greetings/Introduction area, so that we can get to know you a little better.
Yes it does get easier as time goes on. You may also want to try different positions. Laying down seems to be the hardest. Soif you haven't already tried, you can try standing, sitting, sitting on the toilet or kneeling.
The way I see it: I was born with no inhibition whatsoever for elimination. Slowly I learned to control it and suppress it except for particular bodily positions, clothing pulled down, etc. So those can be unlearned just as they were learned. It might help to connect with any thoughts or worries about how things will go wrong if you stop inhibiting, e.g damage clothes, furniture, etc. Eliminating those by putting down some plastic might narrow it down to just the unfamiliar body position and clothing position. At one point I put some boards across the toilet when using it so it was more like a chair, to help get used to that when going. I know that at first it was very difficult, and that I became a little adjusted to it, though I'm not sure how effective it was. The point is just to be creative in approaching these learned inhibitions.
Peterthelion said:
Does this ease with time and become more natural
Yes, definitely. When I first started I basically had to be standing in the bathroom in front of the toilet in order to go. It took me a year before I was really comfortable going while standing up, and I still have trouble when sitting in some positions.
Yea the first time it took me ages to actually let go, in fact I ended up sitting on the toilet with a tap running lol. But yes Ya will learn to trust the diaper and you'll be able to go no problem
I think understanding how my body works has really helped. Since we have two sphincter muscles that close off our bladders, even when you open the outer one the inner one is still closed so nothing happens. The inner sphincter is usually controlled involuntarily and takes a lot of stress off the outer one. Mine usually opens when I enter the restroom and sometimes when I hear water running. I can tell when it opens because I feel sudden pressure on my outer sphincter like I can't hold it very long. So I discovered I can control the inner sphincter somewhat. If I relax and think about releasing it or at first to learn the technique I mostly just concentrated on the things that cause it to open on it's own and thought about them.
For me I reached a point where I can pee myself almost on first thought, with exception of being around other people. Public wearing and wetting still has been a struggle for me because I'm always scared i'll leak and everyone will notice. Other than that, I'd say yes it'll e easier as time progresses
Your overthinking it a bit too much. First off, welcome to ADISC and two, it takes time. (Without hurting yourself or forcing yourself) you just let it go honestly. It's like gaining experience. You do it the first time, then do it overtime and you will get used to it eventually. Some people who go 24/7 by choice or have to will easily tell you it takes experience to getting used to it.
It gets a lot easier the longer you wear. I just wet while walking for the first time; I've been wearing for over ten years, so don't worry if you're not yet able to flood on command.
It takes some time when you first start but gets much easier, Im pretty much diaper trained and end up wetting right away lol
Thank you guys so much for the help! Its making a lot more sense and I am working on it!
It is hard to go at first and it does get easier overtime. From my experiences standing is the easiest position to go in. When I first started I had to stand in front of the toilet with my pants down to go. I can wet in multiple positions but I still stand to go sometimes.
Put your hand in warm running water. The trick is to relax. There are some good relaxation tapes out there. It does take some practice to pee at will in your diaper.
Yes from what I understand it does get easier.
I kind of started with the over the toilet technique.
Then found it easier to go when water is running from watering the plants.
And later a wet warm diaper made it easier to let go.
The trick from reading is to get you mind ok with going in the diaper.

If you like gaming try wetting when nature calls most of the time you would be to focused on the game and start to not notice, then I think it become natural.

ginger22 said:
Put your hand in warm running water. The trick is to relax. There are some good relaxation tapes out there. It does take some practice to pee at will in your diaper.

Oh yah, thanks for remining me dose the old prank "hand in warm running water while sleeping" really work?
Heh, I'm new as well. First time took me forever to go. I stood in the shower, paranoid it would leak everywhere. And then I took it off immediately. Still not comfortable with the idea of wetting and then keeping it on for awhile.
Yes, this is the true ease which YOU ARE will be good feeling a little bit. I rarely wear diaper, (maybe 2x a one week) but i know this feel. The relief (when you wear diaper) surreal feel.
Peterthelion said:
Thank you guys so much for the help! Its making a lot more sense and I am working on it!

That's good. As people have said, it's nothing to worry about. Remember that it's a gradual process. You wet a few times standing or even sitting on a toilet, then a few more times in a slightly different position (maybe bending over or half standing from a chair). Eventually, you'll get more comfortable and can go in a few different positions.

You also may never get every position. For example, I just cannot pee while lying flat on my stomach or my back. If I sit up or lift up my knees, I can do it, but there are just certain positions that may work better or worse for different people.
its hard at first because it goes against our potty training, but over time it gets easier
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