wetting question

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  1. Diaper Lover
When u r laying on your stomach in bed and wet wont an m4 slowly make it soak into the padding around your bum?
No. Once the front of the padding has reached saturation, or if you wet faster than the absorption rate, you will leak out the top of the diaper and soak your abdomen. Lying on your back will allow you to make use of the back of the diaper. Gravity must always into account.
You should lay on your back (and men point down) to make the best use of your diapers capacity. Also make sure your diaper is folded into a "V" shape (centerline of the crotch pointed at the floor) for best channelling of liquids to the back. If you get a "W" going (like if you wear jeans and the crotch of the jeans causes your diaper to fold upward in the middle of the crotch) you will route the wetness left or right to the cuffs of the diaper, greatly increasing your odds of a leak.
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