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HI All

I have been wearing my nappies since Monday morning 24/7 and loving it. Especially now that i have found the right cream to stop itchyness.

I have noticed on some days i wet a lot more than other. I have been drinking about the same each day. Is this part of going 24/7 that i have stopped producing as much urine or is it my body just regulating. Today has been a somewhat dryer day than the last few days. The weather is cooler today than what it has been. Would this have something to do with it?

Or am i just not noticing the wetting as much. I have been wearing nappies on and off for years now. SO my body has got used to them. So much so that it knows when i am wearing and when im not.

I think im just not noticing when im wetting as much as i am used to which makes me think im not wetting as much.

What are your thoughts?
I know that with me, after about day 3 or 4, my bladder pretty much releases when anything is in it. You see, at first your body allows your bladder to store urine...but the longer you wear a diaper your body (well - mine anyways) alerts me to the fact that I have to go, then I just go. This causes what seems to be like less output, but in all actuality it is the same, just in significantly less intervals.
I second what welostme said
More frequent voids are pretty common and is reversible. As for urine output, your body doesn't have a set schedule. Your daily activity can also determine what is used as sweat, urine, or storage.
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