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How long can you wear a wet nappie before the negative consequences begin?
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For me I usually wear 14 hours. Usually I flood the first time shortly after I put the fresh diaper on. So I guess I wear a wet diaper for approximately 14 hours. The only negative consequence I've experienced is the fact that my pants are bulging from swelling diaper. And I might have a wet spot or two from a leak or two.
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Wow...I get nervous after three wettings and four hours.
What are the negative consequences? Leaks? Uncomfortable? Rashes? Odor?

I'll change after 4 or 5 big wettings. After that it gets too uncomfortable.
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I normally HAVE to change after 1wetting. I tend to flood my diaper my first time. But if I don't I can stay in a wet diaper around 30 mins before my booty starts burning. I just recently got some caldescine powder to prevent diaper rash. So maybe I can go longer. We will see
Hope it works. I must admit after three wettings its time for a change or clean up and back to boxer shorts. From a first wetting to change is probably three hours max. Can I ask if you wear 24/7 and by choice or necessity?
As for leaks that depends on the nappy, how much you go, how often, and whether you flood or trickle and can vary a lot

If you are concerned about rashes, It all depends. Everybody's skin has differing levels of sensitivity for how long they can be in a wet nappy before irritation and rashes may begin and things like hydration level, foods you have eaten, perspiration and more can affect that. It can also change over time. It can also be affected by things like how often you wear (going straight from one to another) or if you allow time to air out in between, the soaps and/or wipes you use, creams powders can all be better or worse for different people.

I used to be able to sit in a wet nappy for a good 18-20 hours with no issues, now I start to feel itchy after about 7 or 8, this can be even less if I haven't drank enough.

Only real way to know what is right for you is to experiment, slowly increase the time you spend in them to find you limit, just be prepared to encounter a little soreness or rashes if you choose to do so (easy to limit and fix if you pay attention to your body and remove the diaper when it starts to feel like something might be going bad and then wash thoroughly.)
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I can go quite a long time, basically all day until bedtime if necessary. But normally, I'm changed three times a day, morning, late afternoon and before bed. But there has been a few times when I missed the afternoon diaper change and waited until going to bed. Also a few times where I wasn't able to change my night time diaper until well after noon.
I try to keep my morning Nappy on until around two o'clock then change into afternoon Nappy which usually lasts until bed time, then nightime Nappy through to around eight o'clock when I shower- rinse and repeat !
Nightime Nappy has to be absolutely pee proof as my bladder just runs and runs all through the night, usually around the 2 Litres through to 3 Litres on a bad winter night and everything is soaked except the bed if I have done my Nappy correctly 😂
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This gal like to get change as soon as she can !
I attend to get rashes do to sensitive skin in my padded area !!
I'd say the first thing that might be a negative for some is diaper bulge that could start to be noticeable. I wear a Megamax with a booster during the day and after 8 hours The front of my diaper is pretty puffed by that point and noticeable through my pants if someone looked for more than a couple seconds. I don't mind it though.

Before I change into my day diaper I always empty my bladder into my night diaper before showering and changing so my first wetting doesn't happen until 1-3 hours later.
Usually I change into my night diaper after about 12-14 hours (9-13 hours wet to some degree) with no issues. Sometimes I fall asleep accidently and wake up still in my day diaper. I never got a rash from this, but It definitely has a smell when I change. I wouldn't want to keep a diaper on past a day on purpose. Diaper rash sounds like a very negative consequence.:(