Weston Academy, trying to find source code

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Heyo I know we have a thread or two about this game already and it's been awhile since someone's actually talked about this game. It was always a favorite of mine but a long time ago I had the source code for this game and I was continuing it's developement for my personal usagage on RPG Maker 2003 (though I have since switched over to RPG Maker VX Ace, i do still have the old software,) and i'm trying to find it again after I lost both my harddrives I had it stored on as well as my two physical backups and the softcore backup I made of it.

If anyone knows where I can find the source code for that game it'd be a big help, even though it was abandon I still think it deserves to be finished and I have the skills to do so.

I'm not sure if CS Fox is still active in the community as the last time I saw him update anything was 2012, 3 years ago from the time of this posting, but anyway, if anyone knows where I can get the source code for that game please let me know!
No one?
You'd want to get in touch with CS Fox from Fox Tales Times.
If I knew how to do that I would.
Weston Academy (ABDL Game) reboot/remake

So, the author of the aclaimed abdl game "Weston Academy," CS Fox, has stated that this project has been abandon and is free for anyone that wants to, to take it. in a previous thread (found here http://www.adisc.org/forum/showthrea...nd-source-code ) I asked about finding the source code of the game to make my current, at hand project a bit easier.

I have the RPG Maker VX Ace game engine and will be painstakingly reproducing this game and once I reach the point where the code of the original game runs out, will be taking over development. I do run a small, part time game development team whom are making a Furry FPSRPG (Aka FurscaLe, you can find some info about it on Babyfur.me, though we haven't released too much yet, we're still in early development,) taking elements and inspiration from series like Rogue Galaxy and Mass Effect whom have agreed to help me when the time comes on this small project, though community support would be nice.

The hardest part for this game will not be the planning or the scripting or the hard a balls, attention to detail OCD I have, no, it will be the graphics. I will be spending a great deal of my freetime remaking some of the graphics to look more updated, though I will be taking rips from the original game via screenshots and updating those tilesets via photoshop and ms paint and gimp. If anyone knows where I can find the original tileset to save me a lof the this work, please let me know.

If anyone is actually interested in helping out or just playing what I make, let me know. All credits to this game and the things used in it go to it's original creators and I'm simply doing this as a fan of the original game and of CS Fox. It was a great game in my opinion and it needs to be finished.

On a secondary note, anyone feel that Adobal: Beginning of a dream didn't feel finished? Not saying i'm going to touch that, it just didn't feel finished.
So my team and I have started to painstakingly recreate this game, anyone know where we can get a similar tileset.
CS is on here. :I Fa and a few other places.

not active but... D:
FoxTalesTimes looks like it has zips of some old games: http://www.foxtalestimes.com/Games/.

I haven't downloaded them, so no idea how intact they are, or whether they contain source code.
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