Wells Fargo Settlement Rant

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So, this is going to be a rant pretty much.

Way back in 2013, wells fargo gave me a credit card with no paperwork without signing anything. The banker went on vacation.

I charged it up, paid it down- But what I didn't know there was a monthly fee.

I went into some health problems, got out of that situation and started a new job. My credit card had 0 left to pay off around the end of Febuary 2014.
So I closed it through the website.

What I didn't know was they had re-opened the account behind my back.

It sat there for about 6 months. Acquiring $10 inactivity fees every month for 6 months until it was charged off with a amount of $750.

Yeah- So, Since when is a credit card's apr 700% twice a year?

The hell?

So being money-loaded from my new job, I paid the charge-off. It cost me $750-800 something dollars to pay it off (because things were looking up at the time and I cared about my credit enough to want a mortgage to settle down or whatever even though I swore up and down the bank had overcharged me- But it was no longer in wells fargo's hands. I dub wells fargo at this point the real "E-Corp."

Anyway- paid off 7 months later after the apr shot up 700% a few years go by and I learn of the fraudulent accounts Wells Fargo was opening.

So I opened a claim within the time window- that was March 2017.

So far it's been nearly 1 year and 7 months. So, I was just mostly ranting about it, because I haven't seen a penny in the mail since I opened my claim.

On the phone specifically at the moment:

Their regular customer service forwarded me to closed customer service:
1-800-869-3557 -> 1-844-931-2273

Their settlement website directs you to their account sales who directed me to the claim administrator (which apparently they could not forward to and is "independent of wells fargo":
1-877-924-8697 -> 1-866-431-8549

Hopefully I can get ahold of them at 8:00AM because it was absolutely fraudulent and incorrect. My credit statement didn't even have a credit limit listed (which was 600 at the time) and nothing considering APR. When I did get bank statements from them the statement had merged my checking debit card transactions with credit transactions (as if I was being obviously double-charged.) (they were also fraudulently cooking the books obviously. But by now none of my accounts exist and I just threw out the paperwork/statement because it was obviously fraudulent as well.

The next time I ever bank it would be with capitalone360 or a credit union because this is the worst experience I have had with money in my entire life and I hope you all can learn something from it.

Atleast, nearly 2 years later they just started processing claims on the 23d of this month.


Was curious if anyone else has had a terrible experience with a bank like this.
The last time I went into wells fargo to make a withdraw from my Paypal Business Debit card, their withdraw was called a "Cash Advance" and they claimed Paypal was going to pay their cash advance fees.

It was absolutely retarded.


What's insane is there are over 2.8 Million claims, and only 142 million dollars on the table from what the Wells Fargo CEO claimed were over 3.5 million "estimated fraudulent accounts opened"

That leaves less than 45 dollars per person that this happened to since 2002. And obviously, wells fargo is probably still doing this and making even more money because they know the settlement requested is so low in the court document: https://www.krcomplexlit.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/0271-Order-Grant-Final-Approval-Class-Settlement-061418.pdf

It's outrageous. I hope they seriously pay the $700 bucks or the bank goes into defecit because this world could completely do without Wells Fargo ever existing.
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I believe Wells Fargo was charged the biggest fine in banking history, one billion dollars. Go to the WF bank and complain and see what can be done because I believe their activity is illegal if it's the same thing that was on the news.


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Your problem is you paid off the charge to begin with. This is where the fine print will kill you. By paying off the balance you had automatically acknowledged it was a valid charge that you needed to paid off. That's why they are ignoring you and giving you the run around. Because they've already got you (and your money).

Now I'm not saying they were right, and as mentioned it's been acknowledged they absolutely were criminal in what they did- to hundreds of thousands of people too. But at this point, our corporate and legal systems are set up so badly that if you want that money back you'll have to hire a lawyer.
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