Well, I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of AB/DLs walk out of Target earlier today. o:

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Earlier today, I was In the car with my friends, outside Target, about to find a parking spot when I saw 2 people coming out of the front entrance. I noticed one was wearing a kid's xxl Spiderman shirt that I want omg, with baggy brown shorts. The other was wearing overalls with a Lego Ninjago shirt on underneath, I also want that shirt by the way. As we passed I looked back and noticed he had a diaper on underneath, his shirt was too short in the back, the top of the diaper was visible. I tried not to make a big deal as I had one friend who still didn't know about my little side, the other 2 in the car knew, though. If only it was just us... ;-; I really wanted to jump out the car and meet them so badly, I wanted them to be my new friends, as I had previously thought nobody else like me lived in the proximity of like 1000 miles or something.

Well, at least I know now that people like us are around, you just have to look harder, as they are hiding. These 2, not so well, though. xD

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I know this is in the wrong section. D:
I was gonna post 2 things, one diaper related one ab related, they got switched. x.x

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