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Well hello there!

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Hey guys,

I am rather new to this community. I have been abdl for a very long time, very young I can't even remember. I haven't ever really been able to participate in wearing diapers much because I always had to hide it from my parents. They did catch me a few times and well, that didn't end well. Now that I just moved out, I'm starting to get into it more.

I just recently moved out of my parents house and got my own place with my girlfriend of 5 years (almost). It's been awesome being free from parental control! Haha

As for me personally, I am a huge gamer PC and XboxOne. Currently I play a lot of competitive PC games.


Other than that I'm kinda boring, I don't watch a ton on tv. If I do it's either Homeland or Agents of shield!

I'm looking forward to talking with and posting in the community. It's good to have people to ask questions and talk things through with. I have my girlfriend to talk to but it's still new to her and she is trying to understand. Any tips you might have to help me talk with her and help her understand would be nice.
Hello alrockoutload and welcome to the group.

very Nice introduction.

Likewise hello and welcome. With talking to the girlfriend, try to find out as much as possible concerning Infantalism, being AB/DL. She'll have questions and understanding some of the why's is helpful. One thing you should Google is Love Mapping as that helps explain why we are attracted to diapers and other baby/toddler related objects. Wikipedia has some very good and helpful articles. Also Google "Understand Infantalism". The more you understand, the easier it is to make others understand.
Welcome to ADISC!

I also like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The mid-season ending was really something.

I'm sure you will find the information you seek here in the forums.
For anyone who was starting to get to know me as alrockoutloud, I decided to change my name to BayB8... Like BB8 from the new Star Wars... But like Baby8..I didn't want people to think Baby number 8 so I spelt it Bay-B-8, BayB8 I thought it was clever :)
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