Weird encounters while buying diapers


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I'm wondering what other people have had weird encounters while buying diapers.

Last year, I was buying a pack of Goodnites, and this woman (looked to be in her 50s) asked me for help with the labels on the baby formula. This was during the shortage when there were restrictions on how much you could buy. The woman told me she'd had a brain injury and was having trouble parsing the signs for the restrictions.
She then spotted the Goodnites under my arm and asked me about them. Put on the spot, I came up with a lie about having a disabled relative. Why did I come up with that instead of something more mundane? Well, I figured since I was buying the XL size she wouldn't believe I was buying them for a kid (It was only in hindsight that I figured I was probably overthinking the situation). This seemed to have triggered some sympathy in her and I tried to dodge further questions. Finally, in an effort to "pay it forward" the woman tried to give me money (as her brain injury had been a near-death experience). It took a  lot of convincing to dissuade her. I was almost ready to admit to lying to avoid taking the money. Finally, as I left, she asked for my name. Still a bit shaken, I gave a fake name.
A bit worrying since someone in that condition could easily be taken advantage of.
I've never had an encounter when buying them while I was younger but always had a story ready
usually they were for a sibling
of course had no siblings now it doesn't bother me in the least
Not a weird encounter per se, but the first time I bought my own diapers from the drug store, I was so nervous. And it was obvious that I was. I went up to the register and there was a cute girl there. I'm sweating and everything, and she knew that I was nervous buying them. She gave me a small smile that told me that she thought it was cute that I was so nervous. Not much came of it, I hardly looked her in the face, and just like that I was out the door. But I thought back on it while driving home and really got a kick out of that. She seemed like a really sweet girl just from that interaction. Nothing else more notable had happened since.
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The 1st time I bought a pack of Ultra Pampers Plus for myself when I was 13 I froze in the aisle for so damn long that I am convinced the cashier and her friend KNEW I was buying these for myself. When I finally got up the nerve to buy the pack, they were both giggling a little as I placed them on the counter. I felt about 1" tall. I couldn't get out of there fast enough! Worse than that, I actually scouted that store for 3-4 nights to make sure no one I knew worked there or would come in there. I have often wondered what they were saying to each other after I left.
Once while buying some tape-on adult diapers at Walmart the older woman who checked my receipt after I checked out made a comment. It was something along the lines of she thought it was cute and not to be embarrassed.
A few years ago I was buying diapers at Walmart and the cashier asked me "Are these for men and for women?" I had no idea what she was getting at so I sort of paused for a second trying to figure it out, gave up, and said "yes".

I still don't know if she was trying to ask if they were tab style rather than underwear (although it was pretty clear from the packaging), if she was wondering if she could wear them too, if she wasn't even sure if they were diapers as opposed to a feminine hygiene product, or what
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