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Hey, had a weird dream(A wet dream even) related to diapers and the kink, so I thought I'd let it out since the dream kinda makes me uneasy.

It involved...what I thought looked like a baby, but some images I recall of this dream made it look like had a goatee, so I'm not sure. It did end on a funny note because once this baby-man-person started to pee the diaper (I assume. Again, fuzzy) it- not only shouted- but sang "I'M A CUCK!" Which I don't even know where to begin how my brain got that. Point is, when this happened, my dick reacted and there was some splooge. I know there's always a case of it's just the brain being weird, so I shouldn't focus on it too much, but... there is this deep fear in me of...liking children. And I know when it comes to ABDL that the A is the most important thing about it, and again, I'm probably over thinking a weird dream's still scary to me, ya know?
Seeking answers to our questions or looking for advice is certainly a good thing here, However, what you describe is not the kind of discussion we are looking for on this site. If you are concerned about your thoughts about children, please seek professional counseling.
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I disagree that this shouldn’t be discussed. I think there’s clear lines that haven’t been remotely crossed, but, to jump to the end of the discussion, I’m not worried about you.

The discussion to be had here is two-fold.

One, don’t put a lot of stock in dreams, wet or not. If the contents of your dreams disturb you, talk to a mental health professional. Wet dreams can be utterly bizarre and entirely unrelated to your reality.

And two, this is the kind of thing that could trigger invasive thoughts, and that’s where you are right now. Only you know if this is actually a component of you, and a dream can’t tell you that.

I don’t believe you like children just from this.
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