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I'm being a bit stupid but I need to ask a question :p please

I plan on losing weight again because I am 159LB and need to go back to the near 150's like 149 or 150LB but I was informed waist size and everything else shrinks and I am curious if I am still able to fit into snuggie waddles sizes, perhaps the mediums? I work and sweat constantly because of work and I'm trying to get rid of my gut to prevent any diseases but would still love to enjoy whatever diapers I can obtain and I recently fell in love with the waddlers.

Wanted to get the originals and nighttime ones whenever I move out but I forgot the sizes and the dimensions of them ...help, anyone ?
The mediums range from 28"-36". I'm not sure of all your other measurements, but losing 9 pounds shouldn't effect your waist size too much. It takes a lot of people 10-15 pounds to even drop one pant size.
If you measure your hip size, you can compare that to the diaper size range. The hip measurement fitting is more important as long as the upper tapes will still attach. People just usually know their waist size more often. My hip size has stayed about the same between 175 and 225 pounds. The upper tapes are what move. I always buy the larges except for one brand.

In the 150 to 159 range, you are probably well within the medium range. However, weight alone tells us little. A 5' person would need larges and a 6'4" person would be much thinner. A taller person will see less changes in waist size for the same change in weight. At 6', my waist size went from 33" to 36" over the 50 pound spread. Currently 34" at 200 pounds. That is medium range. Hips measure 42" and require larges. Regardless, 10 pounds is not much.

I would not worry about the weight loss affecting the diaper size. You will be healthier and more able to enjoy the diapers. If you really want to know, measure your actual hip and waist size now and while you lose weight. Best of luck.
Snuggies run small. I wore the medium and the tapes just barely were able to fit comfortably on the landing area. I'm 6 ft tall, 219 pounds with a 34-36 waist.
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