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  1. Diaper Lover
Hello all
I haven't posted for a few weeks. I have just been enjoying my new freedom so to speak. So for the last several weeks I have been coming home from work Friday afternoon, and putting on my diaper. And not going without one for the entire weekend. All of my pee, all weekend goes into my diaper. During my outings I have been wearing a Goodnight or something similar. (I can just squeeze into them) then when I get home I put on a proper diaper. Until the other day I wore a proper plastic backed diaper out to the veterinarians office and to the department store. I didn't wet in it until just before I walked into the store.

Although I still feel I little weird wearing all weekend around my Wife. She is totally accepting. She is always feeling my ass or my crotch to see if I am wearing, and say's you have your diaper on? and smiles.

As of now I haven't had any leaks in the bed so no problem with that. I think if I was making a mess of the bed I might hear about it. I was thinking of putting an underpad under the mattress pad so it isn't to obvious.

Oh.... last night , I ran her a hot bath and when she was about to get in she was telling me she had to Pee, and expected me to leave. But I asked her to just go.... and she did, just standing there in her jeans, in the bathroom. I just about exploded In my diaper, as she pee'd her pants.

It still gets me when I think about what I am doing.
I think. "Why do I love this so much"

Until next time.
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