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A little background of me.
I'm a dl since a long time (I'm 31) and from a couple of years I wore them whenever I can. Always during the night and quite often in the daytime. This daily using made my bladder became weak. Not that I cannot hold it but I had some really close calls without a diaper on in situation of stress.

Day one

Now the facts.
One of me dearest friend has a small house near a lakeside and invited me and another friend for a long weekend, we all took a day of vacation happy to spent some time togheter.
We've already been there and it's a nice quiet place far from the village. With only a few houses nearby.
In other occasions I brought with me drynites that I would use in the nighttime for protection but I always had to hide the fact to them and I was worried that they may find out.
Since now I have some difficulties holding (especially during the night when I usually wake up wet the diaper and fall asleep in a matter of seconds) and adding the fact that I don't want to hide anymore I decide that I would bring diaper with me.
My idea was that was better to show diaper than to wet myself and my friend bed.
I decide I would tell them that I have a bladder infection problem that make me cause to pee too often and that I had some issues controlling it.
So thursday I packed my diapers (some disposable for night time, some booster pads some tena pants and a bed mat), wore a tena pant and headed to my friends Frank place where we would wait Tom and then with is bigger car go to Frank's lakeside house.
I drank plenty of water before leaving, I know I would have to stop to rest giving my bladder infection story credibility.
Lakehouse was a couple of hour distant, but after forty minute I was struggling to hold it, to be sincere some dribbles where already escape and I ask to Tom to reach the next rest area and stop. They complained about the fact that we left early ago and if I can't keep it. Obviusly I can't! So after a couple of km he stopped and I rushed to the toilette. My tena was more soaked than I expected but I keep it on.
As we restarted I began drink some water. An hour left I had to pee another time (told my bladder is so weak) and I don't want to use the tena since it was wet and I don't think it could hold.
So I asked Tom to stop again, this time the guys were quite suprised.
"Can't you wait for twenty minutes? We are almost arrived"
"Sorry I can't, I have some strong problems lately hold it"
"Apparently I got a bladder infection, it make me pee so much and I hardly control it"
"Oh yes please stop or I'll pee your car!"
I must have drank too much. I was really struggling to resist, some pee escaped and I thanked the tena.
Five minutes later we found a rest area and we stopped.
I went to the toilet but I had already done almost everything in the tena pant. So I ripped it and throw it away.
I had no change with me so I would have to complete the trip without protection. I thought I could do it.
When I jumped into the car my friend asked me about my condition.
I told them that it was a couple of months and that I took some exams but I was waiting for the results. The only thing I could do was drink much to clean my bladder causing me to pee even more.
They make me some questions about how I handle it and when it. And in that moment I told them
"I use some protection, mostly during the night"
It was one of the most thrilling moment of my life"
"What protection? Are you saying you use diapers?" Frank asked
"Yes, you got it""I took them with me, I don't want to ruin your bed or something"
"Wow, didn't expect it, why didn't you told us?" Said Tom
"Well you know, I'm hoping to get over it"
After a couple of minutes Frank asked
"So you why don't you were it during day times?"
"Truly is that I wear them"
"But you made us stop" Frank got a point
So I told them that I was using a tena pants, which it can be use as regular underwear and since it can't hold a lot I have to use the bathroom.
"So are you wearing it? Now I mean"
"No, I wet it too much and I throw it away"
"But we stopped!"
"Yes but I cannot hold it" I said, blushing.
"So now can you keep it till we arrive?" Tom said jokingly.
"Hope it" I answerd with a laugh.
Then the subject changed for some reasons.
Five minutes later we arrived! Weather was fine and we can see the lake in the distance.
As I jump of from the car I felt another time the urge to pee. So I moved to a tree and I pee there. (The house is in the middle of nature so no one bothers).
After that we took our baggages, food and drink inside and start to unpack.
The house is really big and has four bedrooms. One with a king size bed two with two beds and one with four beds. We usually like to sleep all toghether to joke and have fun.
So me and Tom headed to the room while Frank was checking if everything was working fine.
Tom asked me if we should prepare the bed so we could forget about them.
I wasn't sure at first because I had planned to do it by myself in order to place the absorbing bed mat. But i thought that since they know about the diapers there's no reason to hide it.
So I said ok. When it came the moment of my bed I simply told him to wait a sec.
I grab the bed mat from my baggage, and I placed on the mattress. Tom asked me if it was a protection and obviusly I said yes.

As we finished Frank had already prepared something to eat and drink and we were enjoying our time. Another urges remind me that I wasn't wearing a diaper so I went to the bathroom wear a new tena pant and head back to the guys.
The day went by easily. We watched some sports eat something. I was feeling so comfortable. My friends seemed not too care about my diaper or my frequent bath stops.
In the middle of the afternoon i came up with the idea of a bbq for the next day.
Everyone agreed but we do not have enough meat.
Frank said that it should check the bbq so me and Tom had to go and buy some meat and beers. Frank told us about a good place where we could find them.
I went to change my tena which it was wet, since I'm so used to wet everytime I feel a pressure sometimes I just do it without thinking.
We did our shopping trip (finding some really good things) and then go back home.
We spent the rest of the day relaxing till evening.
For the first time I was enjoying my diapers and my friend alltogheter, and it was really cool.
Since we had some really good wine for dinner (yeah too much wine) I decide to change myself into a real diaper because I know that when I'm lightheaded I hardly can control my bladder.
I brougth with me some real thick night time diapers with an incredibly crinckling plastic cover.
It was the best idea. I wet twice and in both cases I kwow I wouldn't arrive to the toilette in time.
Before bed time we were drunk I was soaked.
As we climbed the stairs to reach the bedroom Frank asked "What's this noise?"
"Which noise?" Tom said
"This crinckling"
Frank was right on my back so it was obviusly my diaper.
"It's me... It's my diaper"
"Oooooh" yeah our reactions were really slow.
"Now that I think about it you didn't notice you going to the bathroom since dinner... So you're wet?" Frank said
We must have been really drunk. If i think back at it this dialogue seems so incredible.
"Wow" dumb answers keep on coming
"Aren't you going to pee the bed tonight?"
"Oh probably I will"
"Yeah but Frank, our friend Teo is a pro! He put a kind of protecting mat on your bed" this Tom sentence caught me by surprise!
We all started laughing and I pee myself once more.
"Yeahhhh here comes the pro!!"
I went to change myself, I washed a little and the put a fresh diaper on with a booster pad in it.
I always use booster pad in the night. I love the feeling and a couple of time they saved my bed.
A note... Changing while drunk isn't the easyest thing to do...
As I (or better say we) reached the bed we fell asleep immediatly.
I woke up in the middle of the noght thirsty as hell, so I went down stairs to get a bottle of water. Half way backing up i fell a dribble arrive and the a whole flush of pee... I flooded my diaper. I remember thought about going to change but I was too tired. Frank probably hear me and ask in a sleepy tone:
"Who is it?"
"Just me, want some water?"
No answer... Well I must assume not.
I headed to my bed to sleep with my wet diaper. I remember waking up at least other two times to pee...

Thank you for sharing? I was just wondering, Is this a true story?
One day, I stepped on a thumbtack and my foot blew up >~< The end...
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