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Wedding dress


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Has anyone ever wanted to wear a wedding dress and all the trimmings ie sexy underwear
Yes and have done so a couple of times.
I have worn my sister's dress when she got married in the 80s for her to do some adjustments it was fab I heard that if you asksome bridal shops will let you try some on my wife said why don't I ring around, and if I find one she will come with me, I am thinking about it it's a big step.
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my ex wife left me and alot of her clothes she didnt want. rather than get rid of them i kept them and wedding dress was one of my favorites i bought all new lingerie to wear with it for bfs. and have worn a diaper under it alot.
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Have I ever !!
Nearly all the time, whenever I see a wedding.
Those beautiful white gowns - thank you Queen Victoria - (and bride maid dresses), how I would love to be allowed to wear one in public, pass as a woman and get all that positive attention !! (But I am shy).
Funny enough, the only exception was our own wedding Day !!
That was different.
The wife's dress (she was smaller than me) is still hanging up unused since we gave our vows.
I would never touch it, because it is so special to me, as it belongs to the most important day of my life, (my wife has since passed away).
But, with any other wedding gown, I would {if allowed} say "Yes" to the dress !!!
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I would absolutely enjoy wearing a full wedding gown from top to bottom and inside out.
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