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Here is my website that I have been working on, it's just so I can get used to making websites whether it is simple or more advanced.

I used 000webhost to host for free and here is the link I advise using adblock if you can because they put pesky adverts on there even though they said they wouldn't. Also it's not mobile or tablet friendly. I don't know how to do that.

The site isn't supposed to be 100% perfect but if you guys looked at it and could help me that'd be cool.

For example making the login bar disappear and be replaced with "welcome (username)" and a logout button.
I've done web design off and on in my life and have done print design of ads. I won't be too harsh, but having blue on blue is not going to work so well. Blue text on the green C also is very difficult to read. Unless your keen on only hand coding the website code, might be easier to have a website the way you want it to look if you used another free site company like If you really get seriously into technical side of things, there are options like a hosted site where you wouldn't have any ads, but you'd have to learn how to use git and jekyll. Your site said something about doing programming, it wouldn't hurt to start messing with git, its kind of becoming the go to thing for programmers. The company I work for uses it for code management and keeping a backup of their development. I keep my abdl stuff away from my programming stuff, but I use github for the code for my jekyll and hugo based sites.
When making a web page before you even start programming you need to have a design. The colors are nice but as of right now, everything on the Home page blends into the background and all the text is hard to read.

There's a way to make your pages scale based off of what your screen size (mobile/tablets) is by using percentages instead of set dimensions but its a pain to get it right. For example, say you have an image with a width set to 500px. You would change it to say 25%(not accurate just a guess) instead. The problem with using this method is that you would have to change every scaling otherwise it could mess up your entire page. It's a dirty method that requires a lot of guess and checks but it gets the job done.

Don't know what you are using to learn so if you haven't been using it, is a great site to use.
If your looking for responsive web design, look into doing the site in twitter's bootstrap or zurb's foundation. Both provide a good framework for good design and help you develop it into a responsive design. I used for some sites too. Now I generate my own css and code using a few different ruby scripts/programs (Sass, Suzy, Bourbon, Neat, Bitters, etc). You have to be pretty savvy to start working with that, but it's where a lot of front-end developers are moving nowadays.
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