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Sorry bit of a long post but i wanted to make sure I got enough back story in.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 5 1/2 years now. I told here about my interest in wearing diapers about 1 1/2 years into our relationship. She was really turned off my the idea at fist and wanted nothing to do with them. But she said she stll loved me and still accepted me for who i was. Over the next few years we occasionally talked about it and she became more accepting and understanding.

About 6 months ago that we finally wore together. She said she is okay with wearing together and so we now wear diapers together every few weeks or so. I can tell she is still not completely comfortable with it but gets better every time. The thing that I think makes here feel somewhat uncomfortable is she says the diapers constantly remind her of the baby diapers she use to change for the kids she babysat. I am wondering what i can do to make her think of this less as i think it will make the experience more enjoyable. I usually wear just a plain tabbed disposable and she will wear an adult pull-up and so far we have just wore them, never used them.
Sounds like you are doing just fine. Don't let your fantasies make you impatient.
1. Appreciate her.

2. Take this one slow, she sounds like a keeper.

3. Honestly communicate your feelings.
keep your communication very open!

she sounds like she really wants to make you happy, so make sure she know she can be honest about her feelings so you 2 can work through them

and of course make sure you don't find yourself getting pushy with her. it's very sweet sh'e trying this out for you, make sure you ask her if there's anything special you can do for her in return :)

my husband's known about this side of me for a while and he's in a fairly similar boat, he wasn't super into it, but he'll diaper me because he knows i like it a lot. he's come to like it somewhat due to conditioning, he still doesn't particularly like diapers themselves, but he likes how i react to them, haha.

just do what you can to keep these experiences as positive and rewarding as you can.
Thanks for the replys everyone. Yes I certainly think she is a keeper. I agree that communication is key and probably something we need to work on a little bit further. I try and will continue to try to take things slow with her and to try not to be pushy. I always try to return the favors and make her happy, i think that is the biggest reason she is willing to participate.
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