Wearing Molicare and plastic pants and want to start Bedwetting.

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Hi everyone

I'm a DL and want some advice on Bedwetting.

Please cold I have some advice.

I want to start Bedwetting but only with nappies, and plastic pants on.
Could you all give some tips as to how to start Bedwetting.
I have done quite a lot of research and haven't found anything that really good. I want to wet my nappies while sleeping fairly quickly.

I appreciate your advice.
Threads of this type (asking how to loose bladder control) are discouraged on this site. Besides, there are really no reliable and safe ways to make yourself start bedwetting.
To come anywhere close, without including potential damage to yourself would be to wear diapers 24/7, and going without a second thought. You will begin to train yourself to let loose and while you may wake up needing to go, let go when you wake up to the urge without moving a muscle and go asleep again. You have to do this for quite awhile without interruption. It's possible, but requires a lot of patience, practice, and consistency.
Just set an alarm, wake up, go. fall asleep.
When I finally move away, I'm going to try the same, but only for funs in just rubber pants like when I was little.
I would not recommend that you train yourself to wet while sleeping. This is a pretty terrible thing to have to go through.
Just drink a glass or two of water before diapering up for bed. You'll wake to nature's call like you always have. Wet your diaper and go back to sleep. Probably repeat that a few times before morning. Don't drink a LOT of water, the starting goal is just to be able to get nicely wet by morning, with no risk of leaking.

Don't expect to be able to "retrain" your body, it rarely works out that way. Not going to say you can't manage it, just saying odds are really low and there's nothing you can do to change that.
Go to your local grocer buy jello mix make jello consume jello go to bed.

I was really craving jello and consumed a whole thing in one sitting and not think of it being 99% water and found out by accident sadly it happened in the middle of a purge and the bed got wet. Went bought diapers and tested it a couple of times.

But you could just drink two glasses of water and save your self the effort. Consuming that large amont of suger befor bed is not the best to.
Closing - we don't permit threads on medically risky things like forcing bedwetting.
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