Wearing in public?!?

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Ok so I've been thinking about wearing a Goodnite(my fav) to college because it's a long bus ride and long classes and this will help with my weak bladder.

So I guess what are your thoughts on this? I also don't know if any adult change tables not that I need one but they are nice.

FYI I'm a boy ^^ for some reason(probably the pony) people referred to me as a girl lol.
My only thought is, will a Goodnite hold enough for you? If you only have a small leakage problem, I'm sure it will, but Goodnites can't handle a good, adult flooding. Anyway, if it works for you, you should wear it rather than risk having wet pants.
Dog boy is right you may want to wear a full adult diaper, check out dry 24/7's they work great for me they are absorbant and comfortable. I wear the 24/7 for an OAB
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