Wearing in public.

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I wore diapers in public today, It was the best feeling ever, got really nervous but I don't think anyone realized, I wrote drynites so there not really bulky, i have light bladder leakage, and didn't want to smell like urine.

It was for a total of 30 minutes, I was rather nervous.


Should I do it more often?
It gets easier the more you do it. No one is going to notice a Drynite on you unless you make a spectacle of yourself. Enjoy the personal experience.
Amazingly It made me feel less anxious than I usaully do :(
It does the same for me. I'm at a odd peace when I wear.
Well you have nothing to fear, I wear bulky premium diapers with boosters every day, work, shopping etc. I wear for medical reason, but no one ever said a thing, dress accordingly and no one will see you are wearing a diaper, not even when it's soaked and sagging.
Yeah aye, it gives me a peace of happiness and sense of identity, real amazing feeling that can't really be described
it took me a while to get use to wearing in public, now I wear cloth diapers 24/7. I don't think most people even care what most people wear.
This is the first time I wore in public, the down side is, I had a constant boner, however thank goodness the diaper doesn't make it noticeable.

Sadly I couldn't pee them, cause I didn't need to pee :)

Diapers FTW.
I did the same today, and legitamately forgot cos I was too focussed on grocery shopping :p
I did forget that I was wearing one, however It kept coming into mind :D
It does get easier, I too wear dry 24/7's 24 /7 and I was always worried when I first started to wear a thicker premium diaper but after a few weeks I realized no one noticed but I was still worried about wetting once I had a few wettings in close proximity to a few people and they never noticed I no longer worry about wetting or being wet in public near people.

Unless some one is really looking down there they will never have an idea that you are wesring or wetting. Just relax and trust your diaper to do its job.
I plan to wear 24/7 when I'm older, how do I deal with the boner side of things though? It goes away when I'm, wearing for a long time, however in public its crazy ahaha.
Of course you should do it more often, you aren't hurting any one. Just do it and enjoy it.
I don't wear 24/7, but on a day that I decide to wear, I wear completely and use the diapers for their intended purposes. Of course, I use discretion, but I try to wear when I don't have to put limits on myself or my activity level!

The reaction you get when you first start to wear diapers is normal for most guys, after several weeks of wearing and using full time you will find you do not get the reaction as much and after a few months you may get one once in a while but not often.

Try not to think about it when you wear and just relax and all will be ok :) after a while you won't notice you are wearing thick diapers as the will start to feel like you have always warn them
I wear whenever and wherever I want to :)
My "record" for wearing was when I put on FOUR diapers to feel super thick and waddly, but after an hour or so my dog needed to go out. So I just went "well, okay then" and wore that while walking the dog haha x)
Though it was raining so I wore a long raincoat which hid the whole thing!
It can be a lot of fun. I was kept in diapers 24/7 for two weeks and still had to wear them whenever I was in public. I got used to it pretty quickly (the paranoid/worried feelings disappeared) but the "fun" factor kept going up :3.
I've done it a few times when I've been working far away from home, well far enought that I wouldn't meet someone I knew and it was awesome. I would go out a drive in the car and then if I see a quiet spot I get out for a while and dander about, kinda at a river or that sort of thing, somewhere that I'm not likely to see many people. It was defiantly nerve wrecking but soo exciting!! Well worth doing it again
Try wearing Bambino Bellissimo or some high end diaper when you get the chance x). It's pretty fun haha . I would do it more often but my family know's my waist size too well and can tell every time I'm wearing a Bellissimo. But when just around the general public no one says anything or notices.
Definitely does get easier, I've even worn a Super Plus, had a dream last night about it, must of needed to go to the loo, fortunately I held it till i got up l.

I checked my collection, no Super Plus, maybe i could get a couple with a new order.

Wish I could wear my moon boot or long knee brace but they're harder to hide.
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