Wearing for the first time since ages ago

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Don't know why but for some reason I guess I was too busy afraid that spending only a few hours of time in diapers would be not worth it. I have had some work obligations. But I am doing it now for the night, and probably will go through the rest of my diapers. I have a lot. I am almost hoping to do this in a 24/7 way (minus trips to places) so it goes by fast and almost becomes normal. I have almost 2 whole packs of Tena Slip Maxi, about 20 Fabines (all printed), a number of Libero diapers, and a 10 pack of Snuggies. Currently I am wearing a Fabine with extra padding to make it even more thick :smile1:

When out in public, I dress in women's jeans and panties. This is because I have become far open to my crossdressing desires in the last year so I think that is part of the reason why I got off diapers for a bit. At home I try everything (skirts, bras, etc). Diapers for me do not seem to mix in with that 'fetish' (I do not consider myself TG really).

I loved wearing diapers the first few times. I am hoping to get back into it. I work from home 99% of the time and this has been the case for months so there is almost no excuse to not at least wear a diaper underneath my leggings.

One thing also: I do not mess so I always ensure I feel like that part of me is done till the next meal before I want to wear a diaper again.

Any-one get that feeling? Too stressed to do fetish-y things? Feeling like responsibilities taking over free time too much? :confused:
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