Wearing diapers with friends as a kid


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Does anyone have memories of wearing diapers with friends for fun? I remember being about 6 and putting on my friends brothers night diapers then convincing them to do the same. We then paraded around the house making our parents laugh. I even convinced the brother to pee his.
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Yes I had a friend around the age of 8 or so. We both wore diapers and wet them. That was really fun. I have no idea, if he still remembers or eveb wears....I have no contact. But sometime memories are better than the disillusioning truth.
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At around 6-7 I had a friend (girl) that loved to play "Mother-Dad-baby". Of course, I was always ok to be the baby and finished with a too small plastic pant over my clothes. Sometimes, we were 2 "babies" crawling in the garden.
One day, the plastic pants finally broke and the game ended... But I remember clearly these games ;-)
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I wore diapers and rubber pants during the day until I was 7 and remember playing with my friends when I had diapers on. By the time I was 6 none of my friends still wore diapers. I was the only one, but I don't remember anyone teasing me. Not until later when I had to wear diapers at night for bedwetting and the kids in my neighborhood knew. Some teased me. Of course all my family knew, but my sister who was 3 years younger also wore diapers and wet her bed so we played together all the time when we both were wearing diapers and rubber pants.
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Not since I was a toddler
I never wore nappies for fun with friends but I used to play with and go to school with a lad who wet his pants most days. It fascinated me that he never seemed to care that he always had a wet patch in his shorts. I used to deliberately wet mine to be like him.
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I often wore pull ups whilst around friends when they came to my house but not for fun, more for necessity. They never knew or ever found out about it though.
I remember playing video games with a friend and my Mum came into the room to bring us some drinks and she opened the window and called me out the room. She asked if I was wet as the room smelt of urine apparently and I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I completely soaked my pull up and didn't really notice.
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I had to wear them every night out of need but not want for fun
A bedwetter friend and I would go to our 'den' and wear plastic pants together. Probably about the age of 8 or 9.
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I got a parent to buy real diapers for a doll to play with, gender-allowing. It was a cool '70s (?) "baby Alive" and was electric(Made horrid ugly electronic noises as the mouth motor moved the orifice like a sucker fish, which I enjoyed shoving my pinky in to see how it worked...gross), thence my intrigue. I managed to coerce a kid into wearing the Huggies' newborn diapers...or were they size 3? I can't recall, the pack was red or purple.... But they played with me and we did role-play games, amongst other weird scenarios. They didn't have the gel stuff in them yet. Just weak cotton stuff filler.
Boy oh, boy was I weird! (like I'm not?!! Lol) But I had a lot of fun... probably got no sleep with the fun. Barely recall sleeping.