Wearing at Festivals

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Hey people,

Has anybody here who is 24/7 (IC or not) ever been to a big music festival where you're camping for a few days? I'm going to a big festival soon and I was just wondering how wearing has affected your experience?

Obviously not needing to go to the toilet while your favourite band is on is a winner, but what about when you have to change or if you have a #2 accident?

And does anybody have experience using a "Just Can't Wait" card to access disabled toilets to change?

Cheers guys!
Im not a festival goer but i could see the benefits of wearing a nappy, i saw a line at an Anzac day event of about 10 people waiting to use the portaloos.

I'd probably wear a nappy just in case I was busting to go and there was a long line and no other place to go.

But I wouldn't go number 2s unless I couldn't hold it any longer.
I think the #2 clean up situation at a festival would be the worst part, but then if you're IC I'm sure you've had some experience with that.

The heat will make you sweat a lot. I'd suggest brining extras as a lot of people crammed together will make a considerable amount of heat. If you are camping there I'd also suggest using your tent to change in. First off it will be way cleaner than the porta poties. Secondly you can't just throw the diaper in the hole in one of those. The septic truck will have difficulty emptying it and may just put an out of order sign on it. Ziplock bags and a trash bag will keep the smell down in your tent.

The big challenge will be not leaking. Depending on how much you sweat when you move around in higher temps can lower the performance of the diaper. One wetting may max out even a good one. I've been to more than one 6+hour metal show since becoming inco. It can be a pain, but as far as using my disabilty to cut some of the line in a permanent bathroom. It does work. I just whip out my medically retired military id and people push me to the front without question. The backpack may give a bit of it away.
Thanks for your advice guys, but I guess I should have given a little bit of background before the end of my post. I'm well experienced in using public toilets to change and how to be as discreet as possible etc. Oh and don't worry.... I won't be blocking up any toilets with used nappies! I know I need to plan my movements around my body clock though. Wearing a backpack is no issue for me because I usually wear one anyway but I certainly don't hold a veterans card or similar, just a card to say that I'm IC.

Really, I was looking to see if anybody has experienced any major inconveniences due to wearing and how they got around them. I am being very vigilant in my travels, but I think people might be starting to notice... which I don't really care about tbh.
just wondering what festival you're going to? :p
I will say the chaffing can get bad between the sweating and heat. So bring your favorite product to minimize that. I will say though that my diaper did offer a bit of protection at metal shows from accidental crotch taps. That was a plus.
I had a teacher in school who was trapped on the NY State in the vicinity of Max's farm for the " big festival" as in Woodstock . At that time he was a employee of a large diaper service. The truck contained about 20.000 used baby diapers and he made the best of a bad situation and blazed up a "joint" every night before opening the back and climbing in to sleep. I can only imagine the aroma every time he opened that door.

On a more personal note I have attended many large festivals in diapers and never had anything to worry about ( but then again I'm in a 500 pound powerchair) and being in one of these has an advantage I can throw a sheet over myself and "cath" (thats what closed sets are made for in my opinion ) .also no matter what happens as far as leaks or total diaper blow outs nobody is the wiser because i never stand up. or change my diaper without being bothered by anybody. Membership has its privledges LOL
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