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Adisc: I have been writing this for about 3 months. Today I believe it is finished. I'm sorry if it is too long, I wasn't sure where to post it, I thought the Diaper talk section was most fitting but if it has to get deleted I understand.

TL;DR - Wear Diapers 24/7, Don't Mess In Public, Diapers make your life better

Diapering 24/7 Because Why Not?

How to get started
Wearing diapers at home and concealing diapers
Wearing in Public
Whats that smell? Messing
Deciding to wear 24/7

I. Intro

We live in a world where most people think it is okay to feel ashamed for wanting to do something they enjoy. Now granted, this does not apply to all things (drugs, alcohol, other various illegal activities,) but one thing this statement certainly applies to are diaper wearers who do not need the diapers, but would like to wear diapers 24/7.

My name is Psynapse. I’ll start off with a brief background (literally) of my diapering experience. All of my life, as far back as to when I remember being toilet trained I remember loving diapers. I loved the feeling and the warmth they gave, and I loved the attention that was brought with wearing one. I remember my mother had to force me to be toilet trained by making me walk around the house naked for a few days. I really disliked not having them when they were gone to the point of peeing and messing myself on purpose to try and get them back. Unfortunately, that never happened and only lead to my favorite toys getting taken away.
Fast forward a few years and my sister was born. I was 7 years old at the time. I will never forget how fast my heart was racing and how excited I was at the thought of diapers being present in the household again. I remember stealing them, using them, and then sneaking them into the garbage. Now, my parents probably knew I was doing this because these were days where I would go to grade school, come home, and my, “stash,” of a few of her diapers was gone from my room. Even at this age, I was confused as to why I was so drawn to diapers. But I didn’t care my desire to wear overpowered my need to understand. Eventually she got old enough to use the toilet and that was the end of my diaper wearing as a kid.
I always felt ashamed and guilty about diapers. Even hearing the word, diaper, is still kind of weird and I get weirded out by saying it. I have to build up courage to form sentences with the word diaper in them because I feel so much guilt talking about them. Ever since this whole thing as a kid where I avoided being toilet trained, I remember going to the stores many times with my family and feeling ashamed at going past or looking down the diaper or baby isle. Even still, when I walk down the baby isle, proudly wearing my adult diaper, I still feel a little bit guilty.
Moving on to middle school, I had a large collection of old underwear that didn’t fit me quite right any more. I used to stuff them with paper towels or toilet paper and pretend they were diapers, that really made me think something was wrong with me. Anytime we went over a relative or friends house and diapers were present, I used to try to take one. These things were things I had NO CLUE why I was doing them. I thought there was something wrong with me. So the summer before starting high school, I made one more make shift diaper and then I decided, “This is the last time.” I really thought myself to be a freak and I never understood why or had a desire to find out. This was my biggest secret to which I never told anyone. This was also before I knew how to use the internet.
Finally after a diaper less high school, I moved on to college. My college was only 2 years, which was really great. The first year went by rather quickly, and I started to make friends and hang out together with them outside of school. Me and my room mate had a three bedroom apartment. One room which we turned into a hangout room and we used to invite friends over to chill and relax. There was this one night we were all a little tired and the topic of weird fetishes came up. This was basically a go around the room of you say a fetish, why it’s weird, then everyone laughs. Realistically, everyone was probably secretly seeing what they thought of their own said fetish but hey that’s another story. Anyway one person brought up diaper fetishes. I remember feeling my face turn red and feeling my ears perk up. I just agreed it was weird and then we all moved on to the next topic.
After that night, i couldn't sleep at all. I was tossing and turning all night long and I couldn’t shake the thought of adults liking diapers. It was the craziest feeling. I felt guilty about it and made myself stay away from the internet.
A few days had passed since my friends were over and we had the talk about the fetishes. I couldn’t take it any more, my mind was obsessed with the thought of diapers. Every minute I felt aching and stressed a feeling nothing seemed to shake. So I finally caved in.
I got out my laptop laid down on my bed and started searching. Immediately I came across sites like adisc and tumblr with pictures of adults in diapers. I started reading up on it, I started reading that OTHER people liked to wear diapers and didn’t know why. All these years I felt ashamed, I felt regret, I felt I should hide and now I realize this is something that other people do? WHAT?
I must have spent the entire day researching this topic. I discovered what ABDL means, the different kinds of wearers, and of course where to buy diapers that were made for Adults. Of course aI had heard they existed, but never knew where to find them. I did a lot of research and finally found a brand I could try. Depends.
My apartment in college was about a 5 minute drive or 20 minute walk to Walmart. I had discovered they had these diapers in stock so I planned my attack to buy them. Conveniently, Walmart was open late at night, this was when this was to happen. So it was the middle of the week, late at night probably about 11 or so, and I made my journey.
I was so nervous, the obvious things that came into my head like, “what if someone sees me, what if someone judges me, and what if I don’t buy the right ones.” I went into the store and headed towards the pharmacy, no one was there.
I spotted my soon to be beloved depends protection with tabs sitting on top of the shelf. I quickly grabbed two bags and bolted to the register. I was probably shaking trying to pay for them. I know my face was bright red but I needed to do it. Looking back on it this was really silly. Usually I’m a pretty confident person in public but I lost all of that when buying those diapers.
When I got in my car my heart must have been pumping the most it’s ever pumped in my whole life. The adrenaline rush I got from purchasing two bags of adult diapers seemed very silly. I got home and ran inside, careful not to wake my roommate. I couldn’t wait. I ripped open the bag and attempted to put a depends on. this was rather embarrassing how poorly I remember taping that first diaper on, but I didn’t care.
I’ll never forget that feeling of that first real diaper, I’ll never forget how comfortable it felt, and how relaxed I felt in that moment. It was some of the best emotions I have ever experienced. This was the start of a crazy journey that leads me to where I am today. I have been wearing 24/7 for the better part of almost a year and I couldn’t be happier.

II. How to Get Started

So you wanna wear diapers huh? If you’re reading this, you’re probably either new to diapering or you’re just curious as to some of the advice a fellow diaper enthusiast has to offer. When I first started wearing diapers, there are a few things I wish someone told me before going nuts with buying diapers and using them.
Before I get started I should preface this guide with a disclaimer. I would like to help you see yourself as urinary incontinent, so you can wear diapers everyday. To a lot of people who wear diapers, this seems like the ultimate fantasy. It was definitely mine and now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I am going to teach you the civil way to go about doing this with some tips I’ve come up with using my experiences in diapers as fuel. I do not encourage you to push this upon anyone else except for yourself, so please remember that. I also do not agree with voluntarily messing in public or involving the public in any way with what you are doing. You don’t technically need diapers and until you fully grasp what being urinary incontinent is, be mindful of the public and don’t treat the diapers as anything other than your everyday underwear.

So here are some tips for you on how to get going with diapers!

Find your size

Adult diapers range in various sizes to fit every body type. If you are a more slender individual they make small size diapers. Although I know if you are REALLY petite and need something smaller, youth size young adult versions of popular diapers are also sold. If you are on the larger side, they do make diapers for you too!
I'm more of the average build with a 32, sometimes 33 waist (hey I like McDonalds just as much as the next person). I will always buy Medium diapers, which usually fit just fine, although there are some diapers that might be a little tight or a little big on myself.
Just a rule of thumb, it's always better for a diaper to be too big than too small, although you don't want the diaper too big. The reason why is because diapers need proper room for urine to go, if it's too small it's probably not going to trap the waste and it could leak. If it's too big, the diaper won't hold tight enough to your body which could also cause a leak.
The best way to find your size is to utilize cheaper diapers for testing. Depends are great because they can be found at Walmart and most pharmacies in both medium and Large/XL sizes. If not Depends, try Attends which can be purchased from most diaper retailers in basically every size. Most bags of attends, depends you can usually find for as little as $12-15. Most local family owned pharmacies will sell these brands.
Make sure to read the description of what waist sizes will work for each diaper, every diaper is different. If you fall on one end of the spectrum, say you are a 35 waist and the medium diaper ranges from 20-35 and the large may run from 30-45, go with the large. As you wear more diapers you will find your size, and develop a preference. This is something that shouldn't be too hard to figure out, but information you will need for the rest of your diapered life.

How to Put On a Diaper

This may seem obvious but there are actually many different ways to put on a diaper. It’s important especially if you want to go 24/7 to know how to put on a diaper the different ways. Note these are tutorials for how to diaper yourself, diapering with a partner is a little different. This should go without saying but you should probably be partially naked to put on a diaper.

There are two ways to wear a diaper: for daytime use, and for nighttime use. The method for putting the diaper on does not change, the only thing that changes is where the diaper is aligned. For daytime use, it is better to have the front padding further up towards your belly button, and for nighttime it is better to have it further down. This is a personal preference but I’ve found it works really well for me. I like it because during the day I am stood up and I tend to wet the front region of the diaper, and when I’m laying down at night I tend to wet the back region of the diaper.

Men Only: Face the gentleman to the ground, unless you don’t want your diaper to work.

Laying down Diapering

Laying down is typically the easiest way to put on a diaper. This is really only applicable to diapering at home but it’s still usually the first way everyone learns.

Lay down on your back and pull the back of the diaper underneath your butt until it’s aligned right above your belly button.
Pull the front padding up through your legs and spread the wings. Check that the back of the diaper is higher than the front.
Most diapers have two tabs on each side, I usually do bottom tapes first for performance, or top tapes first for style.
Top Tapes first - you align the edge of the back of the diaper with the edge of the front of the diaper, make sure it’s tight but not too tight, then tape down. After you get both top tapes set then set your bottom ones where they feel the most secure
Bottom Tapes First - Pull the wing over your leg and set it so it rides up along the inside of your crotch. Pull the wing tight toward the back of the diaper then connect the bottom tape where it feels the best. Again, not too tight but tight enough. Do both sides then put your top tapes on where you feel they are most comfortable. For bottom tapes first it’s best to try to have your bottom tapes pointing to the sides or slightly up, and your top tapes should be facing down.

2. Standing up Diapering

This is probably the way you should learn to do it the most. It’s trickier than laying down but after you do it a few times you will be able to change much quicker. This method is how you change in a public space. If you plan on 24/7, you must master this.

Always use a wall for support, it’s possible to do without but there shouldn’t ever be a scenario where you are changing without a wall for support.
Unfold the diaper all the way, untucking both wings.
Fold the diaper in half long ways and make a crease. This will activate the diaper and also loosen it so it’s easier to work with.
Lean up against the wall and put the diaper behind you so you are holding it between you and the wall.
Pull the diaper through your legs, make sure the front is lower than the rear.
Tape up using your desired method(see Laying down diapering)
There are many tutorials and even videos on the web that might make this easier for you. When I first started wearing diapers I struggled for a long time to get them on properly. Just practice a lot, use cheap diapers to do it and it shouldn’t take you too long to learn how to diaper up.

Changing Diapers

Well if you’re going to go 24/7 prepare for a lot of this. The amount of times you have to change yourself all depends on what type of diapers you are using and how full the diaper is. Using better diapers means you have to change less. If I’m wearing my usual diapers, ID Slips and Molicares, I go through 3 diapers per day. 1 in the morning for work, 1 for the rest of the evening, and 1 for night time. If I’m waiting on a new case or maybe I want to switch things up I switch to my value diapers, which are Attends Poly or Waistband Style Briefs, and Tranquility ATN’s. I will go through 2 diapers in the morning, 2 in the evening, and sometimes 2 at night (I have to wake up and change if I drank too much water before going to bed.) I stress buying good diapers because in the end you’re just sacrificing time to change. Also they cost about the same when you add up how many more diapers I need when going with the value brands.
Diaper bags are something you need to have. 24/7 requires you to always be prepared to change. Women you have it easy, you can carry a purse. Men you have it a little harder, but what I do is carry a backpack. This is my normal everyday backpack that contains everything I need for my job, but I also have a small portion of the bag dedicated to diapering.
I keep at least 2 extra diapers, (sometimes more for longer days,) in my bag. I also keep a whole extra bag of diapers in my car just in case. I keep disposal bags which are the Diaper Sacks, you can buy 200 of them on Amazon I think for $10 and they work great. I also keep some lotions, creams, and powders if I need them. The last item is of course wipes. These are essential, do not be caught without your changing bag. If your diaper becomes full you need to change it.

How to Change:

First have your supplies ready before you take off the old diaper. Wipes, powder, new diaper, disposal bag. Take off the old diaper and wipe off your diaper area with the wipes, discarding them into the old diaper. Roll the front wings in and roll the front panel to the back panel and use the tapes to create a diaper, “ball.” Place old diaper in disposal bag. Apply any creams or powders and diaper up. Discard the old diaper in a trash bin, continue living.

Once you do it a few times, you’ll be a master. I can change a diaper in about 2 mins and be on my way.


If you want to wear 24/7 you should consider using powders and creams in your diaper area. You want to protect your skin. Even though I’ve only been diapered for almost a year, I have already noticed a difference in my skin. It has actually become a little more rugged down below to cope with being diapered, and definitely can have a slight odor at times.
There are creams designed to help with all of this. I recommend using a rash cream, one that’s moisturizing at least once a day. At night time or after I’ve changed after a really wet diaper I like to use powder to stay dry. I also use a cream that helps with skin odor once or twice a week.
You can use whatever you’d like but I don’t recommend NOT using anything. At the very least you should use powder.

Buying Diapers
Okay so this is where you have plenty of options! I'm going to go over a few common things with the purchasing of diapers and I am going to speak of them individually to highlight some key points.

Buying Diapers at the STORE

So one of the first ideas most newcomers to diaper wearing have is to go to a physical store to purchase their new padding. So here are some truths about buying in stores and what to expect.
You actually have to get out of your house, go to the store, and buy the diapers. In concept this seems fine, but in reality if you're new to buying diapers this is usually a stressful experience. You walk in, make your way to the incontinence section, pick out your bag, then take it to the counter, fearful of whatever the clerk or whoever else happens to be in the store at the time is thinking of you. Then you buy them and make your way home. Even after wearing diapers for 4 years there are times when I am waiting for a new case of diapers to arrive(I always try to purchase online.) I then have to go out to the store and I still get stressed, I can definitely do it more confidently but still I would prefer for another stranger to not have to know about my underwear choice unless they absolutely have to.
Most brands sold in stores are usually terrible. Now if you have a medical supply store in your area, they probably sell higher end brands like Attends and Tranquility but usually they're not conveniently located to where you live unless you're lucky. Which leaves you to stores like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and whatever else you can find. Typically the best diapers you can find in these stores are Depends or a mediocre cloth backed store brand diaper.

Buying Diapers Online

Ah the Internet! The best thing that exists today. You can watch a movie, order pizza, and buy some quality adult diapers online. The benefits of buying online strongly outweigh the negatives, but at the same time you have to know HOW to shop for diapers.
Diapers can be bought throughout various places of the web but I will go over some of my personal favorite places to buy diapers. The main thing I try to look for when purchasing my diapers is discreet shipping. Unless you live by yourself, if you want to start wearing diapers you probably don't want to have a conversation with whoever lives with you about your new box of diapers and why you spent money on them.
Here are a few of my favorite diaper sites. Most of these sites are based in the US, I don't know how relevant this list is if you are from another country, sorry :(. Also, there are many many more diaper sites that I haven’t mentioned. But these are my personal favorites.

ABuniverse: If you want amazing quality adult baby diapers, this site is awesome. It recently was taken under new management and the products they produce are some of the best in the ABDL industry. Discreet, fast, and free shipping are offered. They aren't a cheap brand by any means, but their products are top quality brands that you can rely on. Definitely more playtime diapers then under clothes diapers but they have a large variety of adult size baby diapers.

Amazon: an easy choice for diapers! If you are buying diapers by the bag and if they are shipped and sold by Amazon, you can rest assured they will arrive in a Amazon marked box. No marking of diapers anywhere. However, if you order by the case they will usually ship in manufacturers box, which does have labels related to diapers on it. So if you want to try a new brand or diaper, buy it by the bag and try it from Amazon especially if you have prime it's an easy place to buy from.

Bambino Diapers: Great choice for ABDL diapers. If you are buying from bambino, only order their own diapers. They also carry some medical brand diapers (Abena, Tena, Molicare,) which you can almost always find on a different website for much much cheaper. They offer discreet shipping as well as free shipping.

eBay: Definitely not my first choice for diapers but it is a place where you can get quality diapers for super cheap. One seller in particular I like for wholesale lots is NPS. They offer discreet and free shipping and I have purchased products like tranquility and Attends from them. Other seller also offer diapers but beware of buying ABDL diapers from eBay, they are usually marked up and can be found elsewhere for cheaper.

Fabine (Butenwindel): This is the site for the Rolls Royce of the diaper world. Super expensive diapers, super expensive shipping (to the US) but you get some of the best diapers sold in the world. They offer some very cute ABDL printed diapers as well as the new all black diaper. The diapers like I said are very expensive, if you plan on buying from this site I recommend using Google Chrome because some of the site is still in German which chrome makes it easy to translate.

North shore Care Supply: A great choice for medical diapers. I been a long time customer of north shore, mainly due to their competitive prices, discreet shipping, and excellent customer service. North shore has great prices on their incontinence supplies, they also make shopping for other diaper supplies (such as diaper disposal, wipes, creams, etc.) easy. They also sell their own diapers, the supreme diapers, which are amazing. The one thing about north shore care is that once you visit their site, you start getting targeted ads on all of your other sites for adult diapers. Annoying if you use a laptop and then you take it to school or work. One other thing that might be either an annoyance or a huge plus, is they will send you sample packs (discreetly packaged) randomly and unannounced. Every once and a while I'll come home and there will be a small package for me that I didn't order containing a sample of some random diaper from their site.

Tykables (Formally Snuggies): Currently tykables produces my favorite ABDL diaper. The overnights. Following almost all other ABDL brands, they too produce premium products for a premium price. One thing I do like is when you order from them, they usually will give you a promo code for your next order. They also have excellent discreet shipping, and great customer service. They are a newer brand in the ABDL world but they are one to pay attention to, as they have only existed 2 years and already have one of the best performing products on the market.

XP Medical: My personal favorite place to purchase incontinence supplies from. Honest, loyal, and great customer service. They are very communicative and answer all my questions. The diapers they carry are all top notch, if they don't meet customers standards they stop selling them. Their prices are some of the best you can find on the web, and from what I've heard from other people they will match prices to stay competitive. This is basically the only place I shop now for my diapers, the discreet, fast, and usually free shipping is great.

Avoid Sample Packs.
The price per diaper is usually crazy. They are great if you are an absolute first time diaper wearer and you are trying to find your size, however they are a rip off if you pretty much know what will fit and what won’t. The only time I utilize these is when I’m testing a cloth backed diaper. I have a strong hatred for cloth backed diapers but when it’s hot they are much better, I will buy sample packs of cloth backed simply because if I buy the bags I will never wear them.

Buy diapers by the case/ half case
Once you know what diapers you like to wear, I definitely recommend purchasing your diapers in bulk. The reason is easy, it's going to save you money in the long run. Going 24/7 is not cheap and you want to get the best value for your money. Here is my example. My current daily diapers are the ID Slip Expert PE which you can purchase from XP Medical. They are the replacement to my old daily driver the Tena Slip Maxi. For a bag of them (15) it's $21.95 or about $1.46 per diaper. The case of them (45) is 61.95 or about $1.37 per diaper. Now a 10c difference doesn't sound like much, but if you are going to be using them a lot or switching to them everyday like I have, this is a dramatic number. 1 case usually lasts me a little longer than 2 weeks.

Budget your diapers
If you are planning to wear diapers 24/7 or even considering it, consider the costs associated with doing so. My current daily diapers are the ID Slip Expert PE for daytime use, and the Molicare Super Plus for nighttime use. I don't exclusively wear these two diapers, I also buy other brands like ABDL diapers and medical diapers, but these are the two I purchase most. Usually I'll use about 60 ID slips and 30 Molicares per month. ID Slips are 61.95 per case(45) and Molicares always differ month to month(because of import costs), usually 60-80$(56). This essentially breaks down to a monthly diaper budget of an average of $150. The extra money is budgeted for disposal and diapering products. Yearly that is $1,800 spent on adult diapering. This number is no easy thing to comprehend, especially because that's not as expensive as it could get. Make sure that this is really what you want before fronting the money for all these diapers.
Yes, there are cheaper options, but even cheaper options you probably could go on a vacation with the money instead of spending it on diapers. Diapers are a lifestyle choice, make sure you are ready to adjust your lifestyle.
This is also the point of where I see people jump ship, after a month or so it gets too expensive and they stop. I love wearing diapers, so much that I’m willing to adapt things in my life so I can have them. You should be too.

Adjust your clothing to fit your new lifestyle

Diapers no matter which brand you purchase are notorious for increasing the bulk on your lower half. With that being said when you are wearing a diaper, you might notice certain clothing makes it more obvious than others. Jeans are the best concealers of diapers. They won't hide a gigantic bambino or a huge ABU space diaper, but they will hide just about everything else. You may have to up the size of your pants to accommodate your new choice of underwear. About a year ago I needed new clothes and on the day I went shopping I wore a Dry 24/7 under my clothing, so when I tried on new pants/ shorts I knew they could accommodate the largest possible diaper in my collection.
You probably will have to adjust all of your clothing depending on which diaper brand you choose for day to to day life. I had to go up a size on all of my pants, and I had to change my style a little to make the diapers less noticeable. Add this to the list of expenses associated with going 24/7 for wearing diapers.
For the women out there that want to do this, I’ve heard certain types of clothing don’t work with a diaper. Some skirts, dresses, show the diaper easily.
Once you get used to being diapered, you get more relaxed diapering. You’ll quickly realize while wearing all the time, no one really ever looks for a diaper.

III Diapering at Home and Concealing Diapers

Living at home with your parents and being into diapers is usually pretty rough. For me, I've made it not so rough. I am currently living at home and I'm very fortunate that my parents give me privacy and are not concerned with diapers. They know of it, but we have a mutual understanding we don't talk about it and as long as they don't see it, smell it, or hear about they are fine. However, I have a few tricks to wear diapers and conceal them for the people who may not be as fortunate as me. Please note I'm not responsible for you getting caught for utilizing these methods. They worked for me and I'm sure they can work for you too. If you live by yourself or with your spouse, I can't really help you as it should be pretty easy for you to get diapers.

Please also note, I'm 23, make a good living, and have a reliable car. I understand not all people have such resources available to them, but it's still possible to wear the diapers you want and have the stash you want while living at home.


So, the first question that comes to my mind when talking about living at home and wanting to wear diapers is where are you going to put them? You need to take a good look at what the possibilities are for diapers. Do you have a closet? In that closet are there things that have storage space available that don't look out of place?(Suitcases, storage bin, shelving). The whole idea with storing diapers is to hide them in plain site. Don't put them in obvious places for things to be hiding like under a bed or in a drawer by themselves.
When I was in college, I obviously didn't have a mom and dad to worry about, but I did have a room mate and random friends who would always come over. I stored almost 200 diapers in college in my apartment and no one ever knew. The way I did it was simple, I utilized two suitcases for over storage and put them in my closet. They didn't look out of place or out of line. They just looked like normal suitcases. Like I said don't put them in obvious hiding places like in a drawer by themselves, however the way I hid the other bulk of them was underneath all my clothes in my dresser. Unless they are psychotic no one is going to dig through your dresser drawers, if they open a drawer and see clothes and that it's full they will typically just close it and move along. There are some holes with this plan though, don't put them there if you have a mom who either A, Cleans your room for you, or B, does laundry or put your clothes away for you.
If you have a closet try and find something that you can put in there that can hide your diapers. Take a storage bin for example, the clear ones. I can probably fit a bag of diapers into a medium sized clear storage bin, then put random things around the diaper bag so it just looks like it's filled with random things.
My whole point is be creative with hiding your diapers, also don't have too many diapers. If you can't hide a case of Molicares, tykables, and 4 bags of abenas then don't buy them! Find places that are out in the open but out of sight. The places people are least likely to look for something suspicious are the places that look too easy.

How to NOT be suspicious about diapers around the house

As I said in the last article, don't buy diapers more than what you can store. That's the first rule to follow, the second rule is ROUTINE. Here's the thing, we all have a routine that we follow of some sorts. My routine is pretty basic,

Wake Up
Take a shower
Brush Teeth, Shave
Go back to room for 30 mins and browse the Internet
Get Dressed
Go to work/go and get things done
Come home
Check Mail
Get Changed
Eat Dinner
Go back to room
Play video games
Go to bed

That's essentially my routine every single day, sure the timing of things might be different and I might do a few other things in between, but this is what everyone in my house knows subconsciously what I do. They also know that I buy a lot of things off of amazon and online, so they don't freak out or question me when boxes arrive when I'm not home. These are things I've been planting in their heads for months that they think is normal, when really 100% of the time I'm wearing diapers and getting diapers delivered that they are signing for. No one questions routine. If something were to say, fall out of routine then the questions start coming. Say I took a shower at night instead of when I woke up, people would ask me why (more on why this is important later,) If I didn't check the mail when I got home, people would wonder why.
My point is if you stick to routine, no one will ever question what you are doing when they don't physically see you. If they are used to you disappearing after you have eaten dinner, they won't come looking for you when you're sitting on your bedroom floor in a wet diaper and a pacifier in your mouth. If you want to wear diapers and not get caught, set a routine and get the questioning done before you start incorporating diapers into your life.
You also want to be careful when wearing diapers around the house not to make it obvious. If you all of the sudden start constantly pulling your shirt down to cover your diaper edge (what I call the bit of the diaper that sticks out from your pants) or constantly adjusting your pants, people are going to wonder why and you are going to draw attention to it. You should probably wear boxers or underwear over your diaper until you are used to knowing how to move while in a diaper. Don't bend over by the way, always crouch down when picking something up. Learning how to wear a diaper and not freak out constantly is something you will learn with time.


So you have successfully worn and finished using your diaper! Great! Now what? Well this part (literally)stinks so prepare yourself. Messy diapers are another ballgame altogether and I will cover disposal of them it's own chapter later on. Wet diapers are a little easier to dispose of.
First thing is have a plan before you have dirty diapers. If you don't have a plan then it's going to make this much harder to think on the spot. I need to go back to the whole idea of routine for a second. My family knows that I alone produce about 1 bag of garbage per week from my bedroom. They are used to seeing me come down the stairs on Thursday morning(garbage day for me) with a medium sized trash bag. This doesn't raise any eyebrows. If you are new to this, and you all of the sudden come walking through your house with a medium sized garbage bag that's probably heavy. People will often wonder what in the world you are trying to dispose of.
Plastic grocery bags are your friend when you start diapering. They are easy to conceal what's inside, you can seal them up to prevent the smell. An easy way to dispose of a dirty diaper is to place it in a plastic bag, then into a backpack or jacket pocket, and then when you are leaving for work/school place it in the trash. You could also drive somewhere and throw them out in a random trash can but that seems like a bit much. Another trick is to wait until you are home alone and it is about mid week between trash cycles, usually most people's cans are about half full. This is ample opportunity to bag up your dirty diapers, and then place the bag of diapers under another bag in your trash can. Unless you live with people who obsess over trash, almost nobody notices when you move a trash bag in an outside trash can.
Again, be creative with your disposal process. Don't worry to much about it just make sure you know how to get rid of diapers before you start using diapers. Don't let wet diapers sit for more than 3 days, after that the smell starts to penetrate plastic bags and will begin to stink up the room they are stored in. Unless you can hide a diaper pail, try to find ways to utilize odor control garbage bags as much as possible.

Telling Someone

So whether you want to or not. At some point in your life you are going to have to have the conversation about your diapers. This conversation SUCKS the first time, but sucks less the second. You should only have this conversation if you absolutely have to. Generally speaking if you have followed my steps you should be concealing your diapers with proper clothing and taking precautions while in public or amongst family. If you absolutely have to have this conversation, here are the steps that have helped me when telling someone, and there are very different conversation depending on the person I’m explaining it to.

Telling your coworker or boss

Tell them its a medical condition
Tell them it will not prevent you from getting your job done
Tell them it won’t be a big deal and you should never notice it
Tell them if they do notice it to let you know so you can address it

Telling a Family Member or Close Friend
This is something you have had forever
There isn’t any way for you to comfortably live with out this
It will not prevent you from living your life to the fullest
It it makes you comfortable and happy and whatever else pertains to you

This conversation gets easier over time. Trust me there are way worse conversations you could be having with any of these people. If they are adults, they will understand. If it is your workplace, usually they will give you extra space or help to accommodate. I had to tell my employer and it was no big deal.

If your parents are strict and won’t let you have the diapers, refer them to the many many articles on the internet. Try and negotiate and see if they will let you.

IV. Wearing in Public

This is a topic that often terrifies newcomers to diapers and it's probably the second most asked about thing I see on forums. Public wearing of diapers for whatever reason scares the daylight out of so many people. I understand why, getting caught is a terrible thing but with a few tips I'll have you wearing in public with no fear.
Again as I stated in my opening statement in section II, I do not agree with involving the public with your diapers unless they need to be involved. When you wear in public, please be mindful of who is around you and do not treat the diapers as anything other than your underwear.


I'm sure you have heard it before, but if you haven't people really aren't looking for diapers. The only thing that stands out to people in public is if they see something abnormal. You can wear diapers and as long as nothing looks abnormal, no one will notice, I promise.
The other misconception is that if someone sees you, they are going to call you out and make a scene. Again, not really true. I've been wearing for about a year now 24/7 and I've only had 2 encounters with people noticing. Both times it was because I wasn't paying attention. The first time was in CVS, I was bending over (exactly what I recommend NOT to do if avoidable) to look at something and my pants fell down and my diaper edge was showing. A kind woman tapped me on the shoulder and said that my underwear was showing. The other time I was at the doctors office getting a checkup, the doctor needed to check something in my private area and saw the diaper. He only asked if everything was okay I told him this was just what I was comfortable wearing for underwear and that was it. He got me a new diaper after taking the one I had on off which was kind. I’m sure he also made a note of it in my file but he didn’t make a big deal about it.
Most people if they see your diaper, won't think much of it other than that you have a medical issue. It's really not that big of a deal. The only group you have to be careful around are kids, especially teenagers. I'm not trying to stereotype but I have heard many horror stories about teenagers making a big scene of seeing someone in a diaper. If you are out and walking by a group of kids just double check that your diaper isn't showing and that you're all covered up.

How To Wear In Public

Now that you are a brave diaper warrior you can go in public now! The Golden rule of wearing in public, DO NOT involve the public in your diapers. DO NOT flaunt your diaper, DO NOT make it obvious that you are wearing a diaper, and if you can control it, DO NOT MESS your diaper. If you’re incontinent you can’t help it but messing in public is a terrible idea.The public does not deserve or consent to being involved in another persons personal life. If someone came up to you in public and started sexually harassing you, you would probably get pretty offended. I’m not saying you’re sexually harassing someone by flaunting your diaper, but people might think that. People don't want to feel uncomfortable when they go out, so please follow the golden rule and be respectful to others in public and do not involve them in your fantasy.
When you go out in public, you are incontinent. No questions asked other than that statement. If someone sees your diaper and asks (this will probably never happen,) you are incontinent and it’s a medical issue. Again don’t make a big deal and be polite. If you are wearing 24/7 you have to accept the fact that you are considering yourself to be incontinent.
I have a personal rule for wearing in public or at a place of work/ school. You can choose to follow this rule if you would like or not, I strongly advise you to follow this rule. I will not wear a printed ABDL diaper to work or in public. I shouldn't have to explain why my adult diaper has teddy bears and bunny rabbits on it to a corporate executive. It will eliminate the amount of questions you get asked if you are wearing medical and generally just make your life easier. Save the ABDL Diapers for playtime and when you are relaxing at home. Also, if you do get caught by the nice lady in CVS and you have a baby diaper she's probably going to walk away from you and get scared vs being nice and telling you your underwear is showing.
To start wearing in public, you will probably feel more confident with a thinner diaper, depends, attends, or whatever. Also it's a good idea to cover up the diaper with regular underwear and wear baggy pants until you feel comfortable. It takes a long time for your nerves to settle and to accept that really no one cares about your underwear choice. People really aren’t looking for diapers the everyday world.

Changing in Public

Like I said before, if you can help it DO NOT MESS IN PUBLIC. This shouldn't need explaining on why it's terrible to clean up a messy diaper in public. Changing an adult diaper in public is probably something thats you’re going to need to know how to do. This goes back to when I said to choose your diapers wisely, a thinner cheap diaper will have to be changed a lot more than a slightly thick more expensive diaper. It also makes a difference wearing cloth backed or plastic backed.
If you have to change, be prepared. If you are a girl you're lucky because you can carry a purse and keep your diapers and changing supplies inside said purse. As guys we have to be more creative.
When you change your diaper in public, remember to be respectful to those around you and mature. Not involving the public in your diapers is key, but changing a wet diaper in a bathroom is not the biggest deal. Again, it goes back to when you are in public. You are incontinent. Treat changing your diaper in public as something you have to do, and not something you’re doing for excitement.
Location, location, location. Changing in public can be made a whole lot easier if you know where to go. The key words you need to look for are, “family bathroom.” These are 1 room bathrooms that feature a locking door. Privacy is crucial to changing a diaper in public. These types of bathrooms can usually be found at most shopping malls, most smaller gas stations, and some fast food restaurants. If you have to, the larger bathroom stalls can be worked with, if you can get over the ripping off the tapes sound that is inevitably going to happen. After you have changed a few diapers in a stall, its much easier. Most people in public bathrooms just want to get in and get out and won’t make conversation unless they have to. If someone comments on your changing, just ignore it and finish up. Remember, you are incontinent and to them it’s just a medical condition.
Once you are done, put your diaper in a plastic bagged (preferably dark ones you cant see through) and dispose of the diaper in the bathroom on your way out. It was nerve wracking, but you did it. Congrats.

Wearing at Work/ School

Another thing about wearing 24/7 you’ll have to consider is the idea of wearing at school or work. Wearing at work is typically pretty easy, just follow a few easy steps and you’ll have nothing to worry about.
I work at a hotel doing audio visual. My days are usually 8-10 hours which is stretching it for one diaper. Almost always I can make it to hour 6 before needing a change. Thankfully, I have a private bathroom that makes it really convenient to change. There are days where I work at other hotels, where I don’t have it as easy. If i’m in a situation where I don’t think I’ll be able to change for up to 8 or 10 hours I have no choice but to change in the stall.
Back to my routine conversation. If the people that work with you aren’t used to you disappearing for 15 mins to go to the bathroom, start going to the bathroom at around the same time everyday. People don’t question things that don’t seem out of the norm.
School is a little different. You have to be careful because school is a building filled with people ready to point and laugh at a diaper at any given second. When I was in college I used to wear big diapers for the 4 hours of sitting and drinking coffee lectures. I got shorts that were big enough to accommodate and I wore bigger boxers over the diaper. Sure my shirt came up but all people saw was the boxers. If I had to change, I knew where the private restroom were and I recommend you do the same.

V. What’s that smell? Messing

So remember before when I said wearing in public is the second most asked about thing on forums? This is the number one.

If you can’t handle even the thought of messing, please move on to the next chapter. This is about to get stinky, and maybe a little graphic. I feel this information is relevant for wearing 24/7, as you will likely encounter a mess at some point.

Why We Mess

The first topic I want to cover when thinking about messing is why we do it. Some people who really enjoy wearing diapers might do it because it’s a sexual turn on, some will do it for convenience, and others will mess because it’s the ultimate feeling of regression.
Regardless of why you might decide to do it, you shouldn’t feel ashamed about doing so, or considering doing so. Yes it sounds silly a fully toilet trained adult going #2 in his/her pants is a weird thing. But it’s also a very natural thing. Almost all animals in nature just go wherever they happen to be. It’s natural for them and it’s worked for thousands of years. Wearing a diaper and using it when you have to you might as well call yourself one with nature.
The key to remember with messing is there are 1,000 worse things you could be doing. You could be doing drugs, drinking, robbing a bank, etc. It might seem gross to you but remember its something everyone does, and there isn’t anything wrong with doing it in your pants. Messing is also something you should be comfortable with before going 24/7. Wearing 24/7 you will have a messy accident at some point, and if that day comes and you aren’t prepared, well you’re gunna have a bad time.

Preparing to Mess

So you have found the courage to poop your pants? Great. Before you do it though, you might want to prepare for it.

Always take into consideration your environment when getting ready to mess. The ideal situation is you are home by yourself with proper cleaning supplies nearby. As I said earlier if you can help it, do not mess in public. Messing in public is involving the public in your diaper wearing and since you’re training to be urinary incontinent, not fecal incontinent, don’t involve the them in your stink. Also remember the routine as I said before, if you’re going to mess I recommend being ready to take a shower. If you are hiding your diaper at home make sure you don’t fall out of routine so no ones raises an eyebrow.

They make these internal deodorant pills that can deal with the smell. The ones I have work pretty quickly, and they work really well. As all pills do they affect everyone slightly differently. The pills can however make your messing experience much better. What they don’t do is completely get rid of the smell, but they definitely get rid of 70% of the smell. Makes it so much more bearable to clean up so they might be something to consider.

Try to be clean shaven in your diaper area. I’m not saying it should be clean bare skin every day, but short hair is much easier to work around a mess than long hair. The other big thing with staying clean shaven is you will stink less after changing in that area. Hair is excellent at holding in smell, skin is not. The less hair the less likely you are to retain any smell of your mess.

Eat fiber, but not too much fiber. Fiber will help make it easier to deal with after the job is done. Until you get used to doing it, dealing with poop is very difficult and often very jarring at first. If you have fiber it doesn’t stick to you as much, and the cleanup is usually much easier. If you have too much fiber diarrhea is probably in your future. Which does not go well with a diaper.

Consider what you have been eating. Usually poop is whatever you consumed 18 hours prior. If you ate a lot of spicy foods, prepare for an explosion. If you ate a lot of cheese, it probably will be sticky. If you’re reading this you’ve probably been around for a while. So you probably know how your body works by now. So just play it by ear(or smell?).

Every mess is different. Sometimes you think you know what to expect and you get something totally opposite. I’ve had experiences where a very large mess took a very short amount of time to clean up, and very small messes have taken as long as 30 mins to clean up. It’s hard to predict so just expect the unexpected. Fiber definitely helps though.


The first time you mess, you may have to try for a long time for it to happen. That’s okay. Your brain has a hard time telling you to go when you aren’t on the toilet and it takes time before it’s easy to just go in your pants. The easiest way to do it is to trick your brain into just going. What you can do is hold it in for a few hours until you really have to go, then put on a diaper and fill it.

Once the act is complete you can do whatever you would like in the diaper, but typically I wouldn’t sit in a messy diaper for more than a maximum of 1 hour. Fecal matter is covered in bacteria, so letting that sit close to your skin for too long is dangerous and could cause a rash. If you are a women, you can get yeast infection which means you should be changing fairly quickly after filling a diaper.

Changing a Messy Diaper

So changing a diaper and changing a messy diaper are two different ball games. Like everything else with diapering after you do it a few times you’re a master. It’s doing a few times that’s difficult.

There are two ways to clean up after a messy diaper, with wipes and with a shower.

This is about to get graphic.

I’m going to go over the worst scenario possible and talk about the two different ways to clean it up. So the worst scenario is you’ve been in the diaper for 8 hours, it’s fully soaked front to back and sagging, you’ve just had the biggest load in your diaper ever and it’s filled up the back. It’s time to change.
So you’re standing there in your loaded diaper and probably starting to panic but don’t! Cleaning up the hurricane that took place your diaper will be easy.

Cleaning up with Wipes
Get your supplies ready, wipes, a towel you don’t care about, powder, disposal bags (I use 3 diaper sacks and a gallon zip lock bag for messy diapers,) and a new diaper. Make sure you have A LOT of wipes
Go to a bathroom or a room thats easily vented, not a room that you might be in for the rest of the day. The smell lingers after changing a messy diaper for a while, if you change in a room where you will be for a while the smell might be too much.
Lay your towel down on the floor and lay yourself down on the towel in the changing position.
Undo the tapes and let the diaper fall down.
Get over the initial shock of hurricane: poop that happened in your diaper, try to breath and focus
Start to stand up to a crouch, as you do, take the back wing of the diaper and wipe off excess poop from your behind with it, try to get as much off of you with the diaper that you can.
Crouch above the diaper and start wiping, disposing the wipes in the diaper.
Adult diaper messes usually take a lot of wipes, just stay calm, keep wiping, and eventually it will all be off.
Roll up the diaper as usual and place it in the disposal bag.
Wash your hands
Apply your new diaper, use plenty of creams and powder, you did it! Don’t forget to wash the towel you were laying on.

Cleaning up with a Shower
Check and make sure there is nothing blocking the drain. Remove any drain caps or anything in the way (sometimes theres a screw underneath the cap).
Not a bad idea to clean your drain first either, get some drain cleaner and dump it down, this will clear the path.
Get your supplies ready, you will need a disposal bag, an old towel, a washcloth for the shower, and a fresh diaper.
Lay the towel on the floor next to the shower, turn your shower on so it warms up
Lay down on the towel and remove the tapes and let the diaper fall
Get over the initial shock of hurricane: poop that happened in your diaper, try to breath and focus
As you stand up, wipe off what you can with the back of the diaper.
There are two things you can do here, you can either A: Roll up the diaper and place it in the disposal bag, or B: Dump out the contents of the diaper into the toilet before proceeding to the shower, option A is quicker but will likely smell much worse, option B doesn’t always work but when it does keeps your disposal bin from smelling horrid.
Get in the shower and spread your cheeks into the water and let it start rinsing some of the waste off of your behind.
Put some soap on the washcloth and begin washing off the poop from your butt.
Heres where it gets gross. First of all if you’re worried about the drain clogging or poop going down the shower drain don’t, almost every house in the US the shower is connected to the same drain as the toilet. Most times when you’re cleaning a mess in the shower it gathers by the drain, take your wash cloth and just push it down. This is the grossest part of the process but it’s easy.
Take a great shower, make sure you wash all of your hair on your body. Hair is a great retainer of smell and you don’t want your hair to smell like poop.
Apply your new diaper, use plenty of creams and powder, you did it! Don’t forget to wash the towel you were laying on along with the washcloth.

Messy diapers should generally be thrown out immediately. Wet diapers you can have around in trash bags and they don’t start to smell for a few days, make sure if you have a messy diaper you are disposing of it immediately to avoid any unwanted smelliness.

VI. Deciding to Wear 24/7

So you’ve made it this far. You have followed all of these guides for each daily thing and now you’re 100% okay with all the aspects of diapering 24/7. You just have to take the plunge and do it. It’s not going to be easy but theres a few more steps before you can start wearing everyday.

Gradually Work up to 24/7

Don’t just go Leroy Jenkins style and run in with no plan. You have to work up to 24/7 diapers. Heres how you can really test if diapers are for you:

Wear Diapers for 24 Hours - Do this at least 10 times with days in between in normal underwear. Plan for these days and treat them as if you were already committed to diapers.

Wear Diapers for 1 Week - Do this every other week, for 2 months. If you get to the end of the week and you hate it, it’s time to stop

Wear for a month - wear for one month, by this point you should know what your diapering habits are, and you will begin to test how these habits work everyday for a month. Treat this month like an experiment, take the month after this one off and prepare to go 24/7 the next. Use the information you learned about yourself during this month to make any changes to your diapering habits, or your diapering products.

Try Everything 10 Times

When you are working up to 24/7 during your gradual period, make sure you try everything at least 10 times. Change 10 diapers in public, wear 10 diapers to work, wear 10 diapers out in public. Clean up a messy diaper 10 times, buy 10 different kinds of diapers, you get the point. Doing all these things over and over, regardless of if you really like doing them or not, will make you at the very least accept them and be comfortable doing them if you have to while going 24/7.

Ask for Advice

If you are reading this you have access to the internet. The internet that is filled with millions of anonymous users who are ready to answer your questions and give you advice on how to go about doing this. You can always send me a message!

Consider the Consequences.

So you’ve completed a month in diapers and you’re comfortable with it. You’re waiting until the end of the month and then it’s goodbye underwear hello diapers forever. Sit down and think about all the consequences instead of the positives of wearing diapers 24/7. Here are 10 things I was faced with.

Anyone who is close with you is going to find out whether you want them to or not, prepare to have that conversation with them.
It’s not irreversible, but after a few months you will need some sort of protection at night and during the day. You can re potty train, but it will probably be more difficult than when you were young and that’s all you had to focus on.
Prepare to sacrifice a lot of money and time into diapering. Think of all the vacations, toys, cars, and even houses you could buy. My current diaper budget is $1800 a year which in 10 years is $18000, You can do a lot of things with that money.
You will probably loose friends, some people aren’t so accepting of this lifestyle, and some people might be grossed out. IF so, they weren't your real friends, so think positive here.
If you are sexually active, your partner might not be so keen to play with your happy area after wearing diapers for a while, if you can’t give this up diapers aren’t for you.
You will have bad accidents, it happens to everyone. Leaks will happen, messes will accidentally happen, and it sucks.
You will always have to worry about it, always be prepared to act if need be, and always have to have a change nearby.
You will eventually have to tell your doctor, he will make a note of the diapers and it will be known that you are incontinent.
Diapers are really hot, the summertime sucks and they make your body heat up faster.
If you like the beach, you will probably have to wear diapers there too.

But also Consider the Positives

Whenever I think of all the sacrifices I have to make to wear diapers everyday, I also think of all the positives that happen because of wearing diapers.

Diapers are the most convenient thing on the planet, its a comfortable bathroom I get to wear, never have to leave a meeting or miss a moment at a concert. Also public bathrooms suck.
It feels great, diapers are comfortable and satisfying all at the same time. It brings me back to when I was little and every diaper is special to me.
It makes you unique. No one else you know is like you, you get to do something the majority of the public does not, this is a very liberating feeling.
It improves your quality of life. If you like diapers, or have some sort of thing for them like I have, when you wear them it makes your day better. When I started wearing diapers again I was happier, more confident, and I no longer take pills for anxiety or depression.
Getting old wont be so bad.
Long car rides/trips=easy. Taking long trips is the best, you put on a big diaper and go in your pants and to your destination.
You get to be involved in the awesome community that also does what you do.
Skier? Snowboarder? Even Skater? You now have extra padding to absorb your falls. You’re welcome.
Quality of sleep, according to sleep cycle(worlds greatest app) my sleep improved 38% when I started wearing diapers to bed. I also have better dreams and feel much more refreshed in the morning.
You’re already an expert if one day you decide to have kids. My cousin had a baby recently and they sarcastically asked if I could change a diaper, to which I did like a pro. May have revealed something but hey I’m a professional.

Wrapping Up

So in this guide I have went over a lot of things. Mostly things that have helped me along the way, and things I still practice to this day. Living life in diapers 24/7 at first was difficult, but now it’s something I recommend to all who are interested to try. If you can get over all the negatives there are so many positives to how diapers can benefit your life.
As I’ve said before diapers have made me a much happier person in general and have improved my quality of life. I am much more confident now, I am also much more productive now. Wearing diapers was maybe the key to unlocking a part of my brain that most of my life was spent making me feel horrible and lazy.
I really enjoyed writing this, I’m writing it for the wonderful community of AB/DL’s online that have inspired me so much. This August is my 4th anniversary with adisc, the community that helped me find who I really was and who made my life 100000 times better. This is also the first written article I have ever produced, so I’m sorry if there were mistakes and grammatical errors. I would absolutely love to hear your feedback and thank you for taking the time to read this.

The One and Only

TL;DR - Wear diapers 24/7, don’t mess in public, it will make your life better


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What will happen if you DO mess in public, then are you still forcing them on to something you can't help, anyway how do these people actually know if you are incontinent or not?


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  1. Adult Baby
It is likely that most people will assume incontinence rather then ABDL. It is the simpler solution unless they just watched Dr. Phil.

Also, one thing not mentioned is the use of onesies to hide diapers (and keep them from sagging too much).
I wear a onesie as my undershirt (I even have ones in different colors to match my polo shirts). They are not too expensive (though you will pay extra for them over plain undershirts). Another possibility is extra-tall undershirts which would highly decrease the possibility of inadvertent diaper display and are not as pricey as onesies (but they don't do anything for sag).


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It is likely that most people will assume incontinence rather then ABDL. It is the simpler solution unless they just watched Dr. Phil.

Also, one thing not mentioned is the use of onesies to hide diapers (and keep them from sagging too much).
I wear a onesie as my undershirt (I even have ones in different colors to match my polo shirts). They are not too expensive (though you will pay extra for them over plain undershirts). Another possibility is extra-tall undershirts which would highly decrease the possibility of inadvertent diaper display and are not as pricey as onesies (but they don't do anything for sag).

You can easily turn an extra long t-shirt into a onesie for very cheap. I wear a size small or medium t-shirt and have done this before with xxl shirts. It is not difficult, all you need to do is take the sides in about 2 inches and add snaps to the bottom. Assuming you know how to sew you can easily make 3 onesies for around $15, price includes shirts and snaps.

I just finished reading most of your post, and I think it is very detailed and informative. As far as buying, one thing you might want to add is Craigslist style websites. I know in the past I have been able to find popular brands for around 50% cheaper when compared to buying online. You will also find people who try to get what they paid for as well, so it is hit or miss. My last purchase from Craigslist was 50 packs of attends for $150, which works out to be some where around $0.07 per diaper. If you live in a large town it is much easier to find deals. I live in Orlando and it seems like I can find a decent deal about once every 3 months, significantly cutting costs down.
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Thanks for the feedback guys I really appreciate it. There are definitely some things I left out, I'm not opposed to adding on to it, but It seems like you the community could help with all the in betweens. I'm not much of a writer, that should be apparent, but I tried super hard to make this informative and helpful.


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If I'm travelling by car I sometimes go No2 in my dipe, I've found carrying a small make-up mirror in my change bag can be quite handy for checking after wiping up. Also a small suction cup hanger to hang your change bag and pants on the door... it's surprising the amount of cubicles that have had the hooks either removed or vandalised :/


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I am not saying your post wasn't good enough because it was very detailed but I just thought you had it in your head that pooping in front of others is a massive sin, what is it to incontinent people who can't help it, why is it ok for a baby or toddler to do it, how do people know if you are incontinent or not?


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I am not saying your post wasn't good enough because it was very detailed but I just thought you had it in your head that pooping in front of others is a massive sin, what is it to incontinent people who can't help it, why is it ok for a baby or toddler to do it, how do people know if you are incontinent or not?

I was going to comment in this along those lines, but even in the Incontinence section it's treated that way. There was a thread on a guy who was kicked off the subway for it, and strangely everyone took the subway's side. And I'm just sitting here like, "you know we can't help it, right?"


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Good luck getting my five hundred pounds to go away, somebody tries to throw me off the subway is going to have to really work the issue, screw them if I have an accident it sucks it happened and I will deal with it, but if somebody gets in my grill about it well then it's gonna stink s lot longer.

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I am not saying your post wasn't good enough because it was very detailed but I just thought you had it in your head that pooping in front of others is a massive sin, what is it to incontinent people who can't help it, why is it ok for a baby or toddler to do it, how do people know if you are incontinent or not?
Angelic, it's ok for them because they don't have a choice.

Just because others around you don't know it doesn't make it ok.

The right thing to do, which most incontinent people and parents alike actually do too, is to try and change as quickly as it's possible after messing especially if you're in a public place.

As for the topic itself, I can see the appeal to 24/7, but I find that for the most part is just so more convenient and practical to not wear. Even if you don't use the bathroom eventually you will have to change, and for that you have to carry extra diapers with you, and products, and then you have to dispose of it... add to that the constant fear that you might get caught and constant extra bulkiness around the legs and it becomes just too much hassle and inconvenience doing it 24/7.

Besides I enjoy being diapered with some degree of regression. Otherwise, I'm just a grown-up doing adult things and wearing a diaper that I don't need for all practical purposes. And that for me is no fun at all.


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Ok, it's not like after I pooped, I would stay in it because believe that is uncomfortable whether I am alone or in public! I have respect and I can actually descretly carry and wear diapers so it doesn't bother me, it doesn't become a problem until you make it a problem Zendot. I don't make it a problem, ok sometimes you might not be able to change for some reason if it happens on a bus or train or somewhere without a toilet, I am actually incontinent myself but havn't changed my status yet. So i am liable to poop myself just as I am to wet myself.


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Ok, it's not like after I pooped, I would stay in it because believe that is uncomfortable whether I am alone or in public! I have respect and I can actually descretly carry and wear diapers so it doesn't bother me, it doesn't become a problem until you make it a problem Zendot. I don't make it a problem, ok sometimes you might not be able to change for some reason if it happens on a bus or train or somewhere without a toilet, I am actually incontinent myself but havn't changed my status yet. So i am liable to poop myself just as I am to wet myself.

It's ok, as long as you're able to do it discreetly and be considerate to others.

I'll share what I did last sunday. I had put on a diaper, and right before having to go out to put a letter on the mail (employment center stuff) I felt the urge to poop and I just went with it, it didn't smell that much and since I had just put that diaper less than an hour ago and would only be out for 10-15 minutes and wasn't expecting to interact with anyone, I went out of the house in a messy diaper... for the first time.


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Hello Psynapse.
Thank you so much for sharing your imput.
So, are you completely diaper trained now? I mean, have you lost control? How long did it take? How long did it take before you could poop without really much effort and peeing in your sleep?


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Hello Psynapse.
Thank you so much for sharing your imput.
So, are you completely diaper trained now? I mean, have you lost control? How long did it take? How long did it take before you could poop without really much effort and peeing in your sleep?

I don't think I've lost complete control no, as many others have said I'm not sure that's really possible. There are definitely days where I will wear my boxers for a little while and I can still use the muscles to hold it in. I don't mess unless I am home by myself and I can clean up quick. I still use the bathroom for that.

At night time I almost always have to wear though, I've gotten far too comfortable wearing to bed. I probably started wetting the bed in my sleep after about 6 months of constant wearing every night.


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I am not saying your post wasn't good enough because it was very detailed but I just thought you had it in your head that pooping in front of others is a massive sin, what is it to incontinent people who can't help it, why is it ok for a baby or toddler to do it, how do people know if you are incontinent or not?

I've never had my bowel incontinence bite me, or grip me in public, because I don't get out much, but that really is what it feels like.

Here's my personal take on the issue. I get that some people have an issue with public restrooms, and I don't just mean, "Eeew, disgusting!"

I mean, "Poop? In a toilet outside home? You're joking, right?"

That, or whatever other issue or desire, so long as its legal, being the case, what a person can do with a straight face, without anyone being able to see, hear, smell, touch or taste it, is fine, because like you said, who'd know? Needing to go hurts. I've felt that pain before, and anyone diapered, should be able to end that awful pain.

Hopefully, taste only comes into play if a diapered person was preparing, serving, or in another way handling food. I understand that too, I just think extra food safety precautions need to be taken. Wash those potty-pantsy hands, maybe a bit more often, with a bit more soap, and a bit further up the arm! Make no mistake. Even if I can't taste anything bad, I better not get sick from anyone's used diaper having, non-hand washing, stupid self, and no one else should get sick, or exposed to a pathogen, either!

Anyway, if a person isn't incontinent, and still must breech good taste and do it, he or she should take a page from incontinent people's book, and just don't give himself or herself away.

He or she should take the internal deodorant pills, and wait for them to kick in, and do whatever else is possible to keep the smell down. There's a new one from mushrooms that won't upset the tummy, like some others can.

Have a designated changing space, and change as soon as possible. There're even portable dressing room tents that connect to the back of vehicles.

Not wear the, "I'm using my diaper," facial expression, squat, grunt, etcetera, unless in a restroom, or the designated changing space. It's also better to reserve any extra special rubbing, sounds, or anything even might be leaving out, until at home, duh. Public sexual gratification, however weird, isn't legal.

Not leave anything his or her diapered bum touched messy or wet for some poor janitor to clean up. Blowouts and leaks happen. I get it. He or she should clean it up to the best of his or her ability, or bring someone who is willing.
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excellent post Psynapse! this is an excellent resource for incontinent people learning about their new lifestyle as well as those going 24/7 for fun
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