Wear, wet or mess?

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Which do you prefer?
I love all 3 equally. Its just such a nice feeling to have a fully loaded diapee 😄
All three, and mostly three.
Wear on my head
all 3, but mostly wear and wet, i love messing but opportunities are rare, maybe once a month :/
I like messing the most of all three.
i like it all, but mostly like wear and wet
All three but messing only every so often.
I like to wear wet ☺
All 3!!!
Mostly wear and wet. I mess very, very rarely (like the total times I've ever done it in my life can be counted on one hand).
All three. But yeah, I like to be fully loaded. No more baby of a feeling than being totally soaked and squishy.
Mostly wear and wet.
I mostly wear wet but I like to mess once and a while :biggrin:
All three. Once I am in a new diaper, I try to keep it dry as long as possible (I don't try to wait until I bust, just wait a little linger than normal). After wetting, I wear as long as I can. Finally, sometimes, I mess.
I am a diaper pragmatist. . .I like and believe in using them for their intended purpose as long as it offers some benefit. Putting on a diaper and immediately messing or using it offers no benefit, because I will just have to change soon anyway.

If I am going from underwear to diaper, I will try to use the toilet before putting the diaper on. If I am wearing a diaper and it is not yet at capacity, I will try to use it before I change. If I am wearing a diaper that is at capacity, I will take it off and use the toilet, then put on a new diaper- or underwear.

Whenever wearing a diaper, I pee whenever I get even the smallest urge to, which results in little spurts and never floods. The benefit I get should be obvious, I can go longer periods of time without being interrupted to use the bathroom and do not have to stress over holding it until I can get to a bathroom. ( For example, I never have to worry about when the next rest stop is when traveling and can get through 3 hour lectures at school without having to miss anything.)

I only ever mess when I know that I will be changing soon and will not be around other people until I can change. The only benefit I get from messing is not having to experience that butt clenching cramping I sometimes get. The smell and subsequent cleanup outweighs any other would-be benefits. ( True story, I was about 30 minutes from home when the cramps hit, I was driving. If I had not been wearing a diaper, I would have crapped myself or have been in agony for those entire 30 minutes. Luckily, I was wearing a diet and was able to just let it out and changed as soon as I got home.)
Who doesn't like the feeling of all 3? :p
Mostly wear and wet. They all have their own charm, though.
I had diarrhea late/ or early most people would call it - 1/2/3 am. Thank god for my goodnites. Had to use a pampers baby dry 6 twice recently as well because of this aswell lol. It's nice not having to go downstairs and wake everyone up. I don't find cleanup a big issue as long as it's in my room since I can take the time. I always attempt to do this in an at least somewhat wet diaper. otherwise it's a waste. Though that bout that had my kneeling there for 3 hours in the middle of the night, with episodes every 10 minutes I did not care. If I want to have fun, I usually use my plastic pants for that - reusable.
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