Ways to get Tykables or other hook ‘n loop nappies in New Zealand


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Hi kiwis or people who live in Aotearoa/ NZ like me.
Does anyone know a way to get Tykables shipped to New Zealand? Or a decent shipping rate?
I’ve look into the website many times and have always wanted to try some of it. I have get cases of ABU a couple of times and the shipping is always impressively high. With Tykables when I get from the cart to shipping, I get a message saying that it can’t be shipped or like 300 usd for shipping.
I know that that incocare website sometimes sells rearz, but I’m not a fan of its tapes. I always get hook and loop Velcro tapes as I reuse them (only wet like on third or second use and never mess) I would love to just use them and be 24/7 but would be too much expense, so I just wear them every night and sometimes/often thru the day and maybe wet them if the urge hits and I’m away from a toilet or the nappy is feeling too worn.
Anyway if anyone knows ways to get hook and loop diapers, ideally tykables or abu or maybe some other Abdl orientated ones that can be get in NZ. Maybe also something like Megmax/norhshore that people write a lot about. I’ll be grateful to hear it.


Have you contacted Littles Downunder across the ditch in Brisbane? Freight may be cheaper than from the US. They stock a big range of nappies.

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Have a us friend mail them to you.
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Thanks for the replies. I’ve been seeing littles down under and deciding if to go for abu or littles down under.
As for Robertabdl above. Yes I wish, but don’t really have that option. Still would be probably the best.
Did you get any joy getting Tykables into NZ? I've bought from incocare - his prices are certainly fair given the cost of shipping these days, but agree that it would be nice to have alternatives to Rearz.
I've now had the chance to try a couple of types of rearz/incontrol hook and loop diapers and I'm not sure I like them as much as sticky tapes: I think the problem I find is that the taping panel is quite stiff and it is hard to get as good a leg seal as on softer plastic diapers.
Thanka everyone for tour answers. I've been wearing barnyard everynight and many days a week for somerimw now and they are great. I just would love to have more variaty in hook and loop or cool abdl pull ups abialable in NZ or with a reasonable shippinh price.
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