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Hi all! I made this account a couple of months ago but I guess I forgot to write an intro :)

You can call me waddle, from the empire of voluntary waddlers. Which I'm sure most of us are in some way or another.
The empire obviously does not include ducks, as they do waddle, but didn't decide to be a duck.

I'm a pretty chill person. Very thorough, kinda goofy. I'm hyper aware of my surroundings which has led to many anxieties in the past, but I'm well into the young adult stage now, and I've done a lot throughout the last 10 years to figure out what works for me to be more stable and confident. It's always an uphill battle, but it's okay.

I have been ABDL for as long as I can remember. Even when I was 5 or 6 I consciously remember being positively petrified when entering a baby room. Just before puberty hit I remember having many vivid dreams about looking for diapers, or thinking that I'd have found them, only to wake up by the excitement. One day I couldn't resist the urge to hop on to google in the middle of the night. That was a great moment, but also a very dark one for me. I felt more understood and less alone, but at the same time it made me even more aware that I was different and would most likely not find any acceptance soon.

Looking back, I wish I had focused less on what others thought of me, and more on just being myself and finding more ways to be okay with myself. I only started doing that about 6 years later, once I had been through all the motions of just feeling absolutely alone and misunderstood.

I bought my first pack when I was 22, and I'm sure many of you can relate in how amazing getting that first pack was. Back then in my country, there was one business that sold a try-out pack with only different diapers. From memory it must have been about 20. That was insane. I cannot describe to you how fun it was seeing all of those different brands. The colours, sizes, smells, different crinkles. Some fit me absolutely awfully and I did not care one bit. I believe the first one I tried was a Tena. I always just thought the fabric on the outisde of them was the perfect combination of smooth and stiff (without having touched one before even :LOL:).

Fast forward to now, some of my closest friends know that I'm ABDL for about a year now, and they're cool with it. I'd love to talk about it more with them, because it is a big part of who I am and why I do the things I do, but I understand that it's a strange topic for them and I don't ever really mention it without being asked.

Over time I'm starting to realize that I should have probably put more effort into finding like-minded people in this community, maybe even some friends. But on the other hand I know that if I was ready for any of that, I would have done it sooner. So it's okay! Maybe now is the time.

I'd also love to share my life experience with those who are struggling, but I don't think I will be actively looking for it. I love being helpful and productive for others, but I have learned to keep my mouth shut until people ask me something truthfully. So if there's anyone out there who resonates with me and would like advice, feel free! I'm all ears.

Interests. I like music, video games (my main games are Rocket League, MapleStory & racing games), programming, philosophy. Gosh, what else. I mix music sometimes for fun, and am looking into music production here and there. Also dancing. In my more depressed years I made a pact that I would teach myself X-outing, because I thought it was so cool and the physical exercise from it helped me a lot in those times. I'm the guy that dances like nobody's watching, not because I'm not hyper aware or even afraid of what others might think, but because dancing is more fun than those negative thoughts :p.

Have a great day everyone!
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Hello and welcome aboard! Great intro!
Welcome and enjoy
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