washing dependeco aio

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Hi all!! I'm starting a new thread cause the other ones are closed.
So I decided to start using my dependeco diapers more often and I read some treads about washing them.
I have a question regarding what to do after I took of my wet diaper and the day I will wash them. So what I do so far is take them off and rinse them well in the shower just wish warm water and try to take off the water after. But then? What if I dont have to do a washing machine right away? How can I store them for a few days without ruin them and how long can I keep them stored?
Before doing a machine (with other clothes)

Thanks in advance for all your advices

I always wash mine in the washing machine and let tumble dry in the dryer. Make sure you fold the tapes in when washing.
Are you using them for both or just pee?
I always wash mine out and let them dry. But as long as its not soaked you can store it in a hamper with no issues.
I'm glad you chose dependeco they are an excellent diaper i have had mine for over 4 years!
Hi!!! Thank you so much. Dependeco are the best I but 5 at once it's my first experience with cloth.
I just pee on them :)

So I'll tumble dry them then :) I was only air drying them cause I wasn't sure about the drier.
Cool so I will just rinse them well let them dry a bit then hamper until washing day.

Have a nice weekend ^^
See what others say, but I would think storing a damp anything for more than a few hours in hamper will result in mildew and odors.
If you throw it into the hamper wet yes. They will mildew and stink but we ensure ours are dry before doing so.
OK cool thanks I'll make sure they're dry :)
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