Was it a good idea to ask for refund?

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A few weeks back I bought some padding off of diaperbuys they been a good seller. I got what I ordered in a timely manner but for some reason the diapers I got dident seem to be working right as in they were defective. They wernt holding the amount of urine that was told on the webpage. I could feel the bag I got had a defect. So I asked the consumer service rep for a refund as the product I got was a bad batch as stuff like this tends to happen this was the first time something like this happened to me. Getting a bad batch. The rep said they do not offer refunds on opened products. I expained what I paid for was defective. She would only give me a 7 dollar discount on an order of 25 dollars. I dident want that I wanted a full refund so I could get another batch that was not defective. I had no option but to open a dispute with paypal as thats how I paid for my diapers. In my dispute I said the product I got was defective and not working as intended. After a few days I got the full refund.

Was I in the right to ask for a refund on a defective batch of diapers.
Yeah, if you paid money for something and it doesn't perform as advertised, you should get a refund.
Absotively posolutely... a resounding YES!

You did well, 'grasshopper'...

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Thanks for the replys. I cant shake the feeling I been blacklisted on the website.

I hate the fact I had to go through paypal to get my money back is pretty bad Costumer service.
I also believe that you should get a refund, you paid for a product that was not correctly advertised. At the very least they should send you a new package that is not defective for free.
I have had great experiences with diaperbuys.com. what diapers did you buy? They give samples, so i recommend trying out a diaper before you buy.

It was good that you got a refund; it keeps everyone on the selling end honest. Paypal is usually very fair, and the sellers agree to their policy when they list the item. It might have been an unknown defect, and the seller can probably get their product replaced by the mfr. If t turns out to be a defective product, opening up a dispute might prevent the next person from getting a similar defect.
Well done, Paddedbossman! You were certainly within your rights to complain about something that was not as advertised, or was a piece of faulty workmanship. That is the great thing about paypal. You do have recourse to get things corrected, and from what I have read and heard, they are very good at helping buyers get what they paid for. This is not an an endorsement of Paypal, but rather just an observation based on my usage, and others comments, that Paypal is worth using. If indeed you have been blacklisted on the site, after all you did, I would say the vendor isnt worth bothering with for future orders. I believe you did everything you could with the vendor before resorting to Paypal for a satisfactory solution.
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