Was angry now I'm happy

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I was at the bar and checked on my order of dry24/7 and it said they were delivered while I was working that day so I was excited. I got home and there was nothing! I spent the whole night upset, then woke up and was pissed off because they clearly delivered it to the wrong address(never happened to me before). I was gonna call fedex but then I thought maybe they might be on someones porch close to me so I started driving in one direction for a mile with no luck. As I was passing my place to go in the other direction I saw them! Sitting on my neighbors porch two houses down, close enough I could carry them home. I'm now a happy little boy.
One of the reasons why I severely dislike FedEx, plus I've actually seen one of their deliverymen toss a package at my house. I actually opened the door after seeing him do that from the window and said "Thanks for throwing my package!". He was stunned, like a little kid with their hand in the cookie jar. He up and left with his head down. I would've reported him but it seems that's FedEx's company culture these days.

My package was ok thankfully, that was about a year and a half back. Also my 500th post.
fedex and ups now have GPS receivers on their datapads, so when they leave a package at the wrong address they can figure out where it was left and go get it and move it. Sometimes the pad will warn them if they're at the wrong address.

Our local post office has the same problem, and is going to be getting GPS receivers for their pads soon.
And they had delivered to me before, plus my trailer has the address number right on the front door. The number I had painted on my mailbox is super faded. I need to repaint it. I forgot to put the word "trailer" in the special instructions section for this order and didn't notice until the order was placed.

Hehe if they stood on the top of their truck and slammed my case of diapers to the ground it probably would do nothing to them.
That's weird. I guess because I have a regular monthly shipment the FedEx guy actually knows me at this point so I don't generally have that kind of problem.
I got home last night to a case of dry 24/7's sitting on my porch.. as always they just drop them off cause I am never at home during that time.
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