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Here is some back story. My parents both know I wore diapers a year ago, but I wasn’t sure if they know I still do. Back in November both my brother and dad were in the hospital and I went and visited them and stayed in their house. I had diapers and a bra in the gym bag I used for my clothes. While I was with my dad in the hospital my mom left before me and that night I noticed my bag was open and my diapers and bra were on top of my clothes. I can’t remember if that’s how I left it.

Anyway, fast forward to today. My mom had surgery two days ago and is still taking pain killers. She called and said that she’s getting ready for us to visit in a couple weeks and wanted to know if I was still wearing diapers so she could get a bigger garbage can for the guest bathroom. She said that she’d seen my diapers the last time I was there and just wanted to make sure I was comfortable. She didn’t say anything about the bra. I think the meds helped her ask that question because though they were ok with me wearing, they were weirded out a little.

I confirmed I was wearing.

Can I get some advice? Is it possible she just noticed I was wearing one, or did she really go through my bag?
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From what you said, it sounds like she went through your bag but why she would want to do that escapes me. Had you left a diaper out and forgot?
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It is a very foggy area of why people do what they do. There seems to be a want to check on what our children and partners are doing. Not everyone, but a fair number will, if no one is watching, search baggage all the way up to a full search of an apartment or home. Now, it is possible that she was doing what mothers always do and that is looking for anything that needs to be washed!

My basic belief is never leave anything, anywhere, unless it is under lock and key, if you do not what someone, near anyone to look for it.

Just a wild guess: She is likely more concerned about the diaper as it can imply a medical issue. Since you are incontinent, I would stay with that side of why. The bra, there is no way to know why it was not commented upon.