Warhammer fantasy or 40000 armies

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Who playes Warhammer and what armie(s) do you have?

I have a small high elf army.
40k for the win. Just for the record im a black templar man with the support of grey knights
I always like the asthetic of the gray knights.

if i ran 40k i am torn between tau, eldar, and making an angles sanguine army. but my fiance said i need to paint all my minis before i buy more. :\
I play tau and grey knights. I've played tyranids, eldar, and dark angels. I am horrible about sitting down and painting all of them, which is why I sold the tyranids >.<
The last battles i used to play when i was 12 (now 23) I had a tendency to charge what ever i had left (mainly a squad of black templars) into a squad of well positioned chaos after firing my rocket launcher once or twice, thus ended in my being ripped apart by more powerful squads/characters lol.
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