Warframe Adisc clan?

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Anyone else here play war-frame and would like to form a a clan together?
I'm already in a clan, but I'd be happy to friend you on there and smite some Grineer with you! :-D
I've played this game for my x1 but I didn't see much reason playing after I saw all the microtransactions
The microtransactions are optional.
No, really, actually optional.

You can buy a shining new weapon for Real Money (via "Platinum"), or you can do missions and save up the credits to buy the blueprints and then get the resources to build it yourself. It'll have the exact same stats, it'll just take longer.
Quite honestly, I have my handful of weapons and warframes that I play with, and I have no ambitions to unlock eeeeeverything, so what compelled me to buy Platinum at all was the fact that I had played a hundred hours for free and wanted to support the studio/programmers.
Oh, and i wanted a nice bobblehead of my favorite warframe on the dash of my Liset.
my ingame name is GreyReaper9090 :D
BabyEldrick said:
my ingame name is GreyReaper9090 :D

I sent you a friend request :-D
Hey there, I know this post is a bit old, but I have a clan with a dojo that has every lab, it's nothing fancy but I made it alone and it's quite useful. =)
Everything haven't been researched, I would say 30 to 60% of blueprints can be bought but I'm working on what remain.

I can add anyone and I can even rename my clan (Adisclan ? :p). That would be the first time I pay for this game but hey I've played 1000 missions, I can pay a little to support the game.
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