Waking up, wetting your diapers, and going back to sleep


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I wear diapers to bed every night for the past few months. I stay very hydrated throughout the day, which means I have to pee a lot. During the night I will wake up and have to pee two or three times. When I wear a diaper, it makes that much easier. I am very comfortable wetting in bed, so it doesn't take much effort and I'm able to fall right back asleep. I am concerned that I will start wetting without waking up and causing a very inconvenient commitment.

As a DL, I really love the feeling of letting loose without much effort at all. It makes me feel like I had a real accident and I enjoy that. Also waking up to a wet diaper is always the best way to start your day.
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I just wet in my sleep and don't notice till I wake up. And I often wet without noticing it even when I'm awake.
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There have been times where I have woken up with a diaper filled to the brim when I only remember wetting one time
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That's why I love being diapered. It's less work to get up and go to the bathroom, when I've got a bathroom on already. I haven't wet in my sleep yet, but hopefully that will change soon.
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I don't normally wear to bed (I'm actually afraid of my bedwetting returning if I get too used to it) but when I do I usually hydrate really well and have to wake up to pee once or twice which I do in my diaper and then go back to sleep. Love waking up to a really wet diaper!
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I’ve worn diapers at night for years and wake up to wet every time. It’s much more convenient than getting up during the night. In my experience I haven’t had any genuine accidents. And when I don’t wear a diaper I haven’t had any issues so far.
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I LOVE waking up at night to go potty when I'm padded. I get to do what needs done and go back to sleep without ever leaving my warm blanket.
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It happens in the best of families.
Until recently I had only worn diapers/nappies at night and admittedly only intermittently, sometimes for two or three nights in a row, but usually just msybe once or twice a month. More recently I have occasionally combined my nightime use with daytime wearing at the weekend to have a few days of 24/7.

When wearing at night I always wake up to wet and go back to sleep and I haven’t had any issues at all on the nights when I don’t wear nappies.
As a DL I like that I will stir/wake before using a night time nappy.
I’ve been wearing regularly for a number of years now and have only once wet without waking
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Depends on how much I’m hydrated and how tired I am
I will wake up wet
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I am very much the same! I'll wake up with an urge and just go, then straight back to sleep. As long as you wake up before wetting there shouldn't be a problem. And don't worry you're not going to instantly start wetting the bed every night on accident. Our brains are too trained to alert us when we need to go and it's very hard/ impossible to break that permanently
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I don't normally have to pee at night. In fact after suffering a couple of leaks when I started wearing diapers I don't think my bladder will allow me to pee while laying down