Waistband gamp or flat?


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Going back the toddler days of the 80’s with plastic backed diapers. Most didn’t have a waistband front and back. This would cause the diaper to fan out at the top. When active in my diapers now, they do the same. The front wings start to untuck and work their way to the top making them fan out a lot. Makes me feeling kind of toddlerish.
Do you like your diapers to lay flat against your tummy or fanned out like and old school diaper from the 80’s?
I’m a mix, love the way they feel up against my tummy. Looks really cute in the mirror when fanned out.
I'm not particularly fond of the front wings coming untucked while I'm dressed in clothes. They tend to irritate me under my belly and sides. Unfortunately this is the side effects of being a DL with a potbelly.
Now if I'm wearing just in a diaper and t-shirt it doesn't bother me because they are being pressed against me.
When I'm going out diapered this is how I'll cut the front wings to keep them from riding up and sticking out.


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I don't understand what you mean by "GAMP".....