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I'm sure a few hours ago I had this thread open "Vote for your favorite diaper!" opened for a few hours (which is still going) but I decided to start-over and make another poll for this because I forgot a few brands that I thought should be up there. Click the "Click me" to head towards that poll. It's also underneath my signature and it's my temporary home page till I get my original one up and running which will be released within the ending of August or September.

>>> Click me <<< to vote now!

The new link is now above to vote and you can still vote for multiple choices and I plan on checking this at the end of the month. I added more options but the same choice "Other/ Not listed" is still up there but there is no explanation on what I missed you can probably Pm me for the next poll soon anyway. You can vote for what you like the best, not for which is the best because well it's not a competition for the best brands.

Reason why is still the same I am looking to making a stash and I would like opinions. I do plan on using but It's the same for wetting Not for messing The Abena M4's were a perfect start (Also i'm starting to understand how to put one on properly :p) but now I would like to put 2 and 2 together by having a couple of brands in one drawer. Like Bellissimo's and M4's next to each other and make it like certain ones for certain days but that has been undecided yet. Happy voting and may the best diaper win! (again your favorite, not the best but if you think it's the best go for it.)
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