Visiting my grandmother at her nursing home


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During my early teenage years I regularly wore my drynites during the day due to urge incontinence and my mum would encourage me to wear them instead of getting stressed over accidents. We were very open about it and it was considered normal that I would sometimes be padded, especially if it involved car journeys or long shopping trips.

When my grandmother was staying in a nursing home, between 2005-2010 (I was age (12-17). We would go twice a week and it was a 90 minute drive from my school to the nursing home.

Upon arriving, mum would ask if I needed to change and would ask the carers if I was able to use of the pads the nursing home supplied to their residents.
I would be shown to the shared bathroom and shown the drawers where one of the many plastic backed “EURON FORM” nappies were kept. I used to toss my drynite in the bin and would always be in awe of the massive pile of destroyed pads in there.

It must have been super obvious that I had been in there putting a nappy on as I routinely wore grey jogging bottoms and the nappies were fairly bulky and would give me a “mono-bum” compared to my normal drynites. I always used to get a bit nervous on the way home as we would often stop at the big Tesco Extra to do food shopping on the way home and it was almost expected that I would leave the car and come into the shop, irrespective of whether I was in a pad - thrilling but worrying, especially with a parent who was so matter of fact about it!