vintage model train project

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figure id share a small project involving a locomotive i inherited its from cox trains circa 1972-3 right now she runs very poorly but i had been told i could kitbash parts from other models to hopefully have it running better after all ive seen engines from the o scale tinplate era restored to running order why not ho trains from 1970-1990
im talking early standard guage lionel tinplate trains from 1926-1944 ive also ran 1960s era ho and oo
I have rebuilt some Lionel locomotives and several HO scale models.

There is usually hobby shops in most larger towns that can order parts, or if you look in model railroader magazine there is lists of companies that have after market parts available for a price.
I have a trunk full of Lionel tracks about 60 feet of track and one cast iron engine and a couple of steel ones. and lots of cars to.
I still have my American Flyer set, probably dates back to the late '40s. I'm sure that a hobby shop that has a lot of train stuff can help you out. We have one here in Lynchburg, VA.
the original motors froze up im trying to find a modern motor that would fit
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