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Does anyone prewash their cloth diapers in vinegar and water?
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If you prewash and leave any vinegar in the diaper, it can neutralize your detergent. When I had hard water, I would wash with vinegar after my detergent wash and it helped with the smell that would build-up between strippings. Now, I don't have hard water and I can get my diapers clean with just detergent and a few rinse cycles.
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You can let your diapers soak in vinegar/water and rinse before you wash them.
That helps breaking down the urine-products and get rid of smell.

Vinegar can be added to the rinsing-cycle when you wash to cut down on the water needed to rinse out the washing detergent,
by neutralizing the detergent. Often used in industrial washing.
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I wash mine with laundry detergent and baking soda. Seems to do well to element ammonia smell.
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I put vinegar in the cup on top of the agitator, I also use an extra rinse cycle
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I always use vinegar, some borax and deft in the first wash. Which is usually enought. Then I'll run the load again if needed.

If they're really bad I'll do a rare load with bleach or I'll strip the cloth diapers.
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