Vanlife and Cloth Diapers


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Hey Folks!

I'm moving into a van full time now, and as a big fan of cloth diapers, I'm unsure how to approach this in a van! Water usage is at a premium (i.e. you want to use as little water as possible) and a launderette is both expensive and potentially embarrassing!

Any ideas from the crowd as to what you might do? ^_^
I've used shared and coin-op laundry facilities to wash my cloth diapers in the past, and it really wasn't a big deal. Honestly, I don't think anybody knew what they were looking at. I stayed with my laundry while it was in the machines, so nobody ever messed with it either. But yeah, I understand the "expensive" bit. What's your situation with the van? Is it easy to line-dry things (outside)? If you have to do it that way, I'd suggest a thinner, more traditional diaper that you fold and pin. It'll dry a lot faster and it's less likely to be recognized for what it is.
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Yeah, I guess you're right, it'll have to be a launderette then!