Using Your Twitter Account for ABDL and non-ABDL Interests???🤔


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OK so I need your guys opinions on something. I have one Twitter account that I use for everything. It's too much trouble to make 2 (one for ABDL and one for non-ABDL) I'm not an influencer so, I have very little followers. Most of the people I follow are ABDL aside from some of my favorite YouTubers and some brand accounts, and most of the people who follow me are ABDL. My Dad and best friend follow me but they both know I'm ABDL.

Today though a Funko POP! Page I follow decided to follow me. I hope he read my description first so, he knows what he's getting himself into. You know what I mean😏 So, in order to make it more known that I'm ABDL I'm considering adding a Baby Bottle 🍼 and a Diaper Pin 🧷 emoticons to the end of my Twitter name like other ABDLs. This way people see it, wonder what it is, click on my profile, read the description and then they can look up ABDL if they so choose.

Originally I had a snowflake ❄️, crown 👑 and Queen 👸for Elsa the Snow Queen, a snowman ☃️ for Olaf, as well as the 4 elements 💧🔥🌏🌬️ for Frozen II. But I'm thinking of changing it to just ❄️🍼🧷 which shall be visible on all tweets and retweets. I'm just debating on if I REALLY want that or not. 🤔 I mean it's fine for the ABDL stuff but what about the
non-ABDL stuff? I checked and an ABDL artist I follow who uses a Baby Bottle Emoticon in his name uses his account to follow Funko and a non-ABDL 3D Elsa Artist. I know this because I follow them too.

So what do you think ADISC Community? Should I add those Emoticons to my name to warn non-ABDL people who might consider following me? I have it in my description but that may not be enough. The solution isn't to make 2 Twitter accounts though because it's waaaay too much trouble to log-in and logout of a different Twitter account constantly. Also since my Twitter account isn't just for ABDL I don't use the name ABDElsa, that's only for ABDL Social Media. What do you guys do? Do you use your ABDL Twitter account for non-ABDL interests too? Or do you have 2 seperate accounts (one for ABDL and one for non-ABDL)? Or do you only use your Twitter for ABDL? Let me know down in the comments below and as always...stay Diapered!🧷:)
-ABDElsa ❄️🍼

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