using the same stuff for years

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the last week i did my last exams to see the progress of my night time wetting
the doctor ask me about my night time protection,what brands i wear and in between those 20 years after my accident how many brands i wore
i answer him that the last 20 years i prefer tena because the brand is the most popular in Greece ,sometimes i wear sani (greek brand), sometimes molicare
and sometimes in the late of 90s i wore tender.
then the doctor said to me that it not good to use the same stuff for over a year.
if you want to keep your skin in normal condition its better to skip from brand to another more often.he also told me that i have to wear premium diapers cause when you are older the urine became more ''toxic'' for your skin and the premium diapers will keep better close the urine inside as they can hold more liquid
I like the "keep it fresh" theme - I have a fairly large variety here and I swap around pretty regularly so I'd agree with not just sticking with one brand. And the premium diapers - that's going with one that has higher sap and you're less likely to saturate it. ("keeps your skin feeling dry") I prefer to wake up with a moderately wet but NOT saturated diaper - easier on the skin and much less likely to risk a leak.
I almost never wear the same brand diaper two nights in a row as I find different diapers ride the waist and legs in different places avoiding pressure marks and sores, a problem I have experienced. I am a recreational user and like to wake up in a diaper soaked to the near leaking point most every day. I have never had skin problems from wet diapers.
That's interesting. I normally switch just to try new things. And save money.
This is very interesting. It's almost like switching your shampoo and conditioner every few weeks.
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