Use for a G4 Power Mac?

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A while ago I got two G4 Power Mac's off of eBay for a really really cheap price, I thought it would be stupid to not get them.

Now though, it is stupid as I have two and nothing for them to do...

Anyone got any idea what I could use them for ?

They are ok spec for a mac I think.

Power Mac G4 (FW 800)
CPU – Dual 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 (7455)
Memory – 2 GB DDR SDRAM
Graphics – ATI Radeon 9000 Pro
Hard Drive – 2x 120GB ATA
Yea they have been doorstops for a long time... Only time I found something for them to do was run Linux, but it was quite a hassle to get working.
I don't know anything about PowerPCs, but could you set one up as a NAS server? Or a VPN so that you can connect securely to your home internet connection when using public wifi? Can you use one to store/organise your music collection...?
They make good file servers while running linux (PPC linux is not the most usable for day to day use, but it works really well for server usage)

With linux you can chuck a couple of cheap PC PCI SATA cards and a couple of big HDD's. I Used to run a 350mhz B/W G3 like this a few years back and it worked really well
Would be ok as a fileserver but I already have one doing that job, so far I'm thinking of just playing about with OSX and some video editing as I found my old DV camcorder.
If you have the interent connection you could run your own website or you could run a Mincraft server, you could use one as a media steaming center or a CCTV recording and streaming center, there is SOOO many thing you can do with them units, you could even donate one to a local charity you like and know that don't have money for computers they would love it.
^ Pretty sure that a Power Mac G4 wouldn't meet MC requirements, but it would make a great file server or 10.5.8 machine (still usable today imho).

Of course, you could always resell it, or perhaps give it away- although I've heard about many bad experiences with charities and donor computers, ranging from complaints that they're older machines (duh) to how they want free tech support, etc. That is of course given they actually take the computer. Some places just chuck em anyways if they decide they dont want it. If you decide to ditch the machine, I'd try to find a local family who doesn't have a computer and give it to them.
It will be perfect for a MCS not MC and that spec under other OS's would play MC so I am sure that would.
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