Urology appointment

so this morning I have a urology appointment do you people think I should wear a adult pull-up to th

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  1. Incontinent
I refused to see that first urologist ever again because every time I tried to point out that I dealt with the incontinence as a lifelong issue and it didn't keep me from living life, that the testicular pain was making it so I couldn't do anything that I enjoyed in life where diapers didn't, every time I stressed those items he dismissed me entirely.

The second urologist I saw I refused to wear diapers and risk wet pants just so I never had that issue come up. Even with that, it took months of trying prostate medications, urodynamic studies, and a few other items before he tried a simple lidocaine injection into the nerves coming from the testicles to determine that was the source of the pain. A five minute procedure that had no long term side effects and was able to determine the root cause took him months to get around to trying. I actually broke down in tears the relief from the pain was so great.

After that I was referred to a pain management specialist who went through three separate attempts to deaden the nerves that all lasted only an average of a month apiece. After the third attempt we were talking about next steps and the only option left from a pain management standpoint was to implant a neurostimulator. The surgery to do so would be rather involved as it went in low on my abdomen on one side and then they would have to tunnel across to the other side to attach to the nerves on each side to help control the pain. I would need follow-up surgeries every five years to service the neurostimulator unit. He recommended I ask about orchiectomy as it could be much simpler and easier and be a "one and done" surgery.

I went back to urologist number two and brought up what I was told by the pain doctor and was flat out denied that he would ever consider doing that for me. I was told my only option was the neurostimulator and there was nowhere else I could take it besides that. I stopped him and said I wanted another opinion. Being in the SF Bay Area, I was given referrals to Stanford and UCSF. I ended up at Stanford.

The urologist at Stanford spent a month and a half gathering information, talking to my other doctors, and asking other, more senior urologists about my case. At the end of it, he agreed that a simple orchiectomy may very well give me the relief I needed and scheduled it. He performed the surgery, and immediately I was pain-free. When I did the follow-up with him after the surgery, he was worried I might still be suffering but instead I was gushing about how great it was to be back living life.
Thank you so much for sharing.


  1. Diaper Lover
  2. Little
When I went to the doctors about my OAB problems the main thing that made them take it seriously was when I said I was using nappies. Don’t have an accident there and wear a pull-up. They’ve seen it all. In my experience the day you think you’re on top of continence issues and don’t wear a nappy is the day you have an accident.